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A unique ID is given to every page and asset in the Ingeniux system.

  • Pages and Page Folders are identified with an "x"
  • Assets including images, documents, audio, video, etc. are identified with an "a/"
  • Asset Folders are identified with a "af/"


  • ID for the Whitman College homepage = x11
  • ID for the image of President Murray on the Office of the President page = a/1650
  • ID for the folder the image of President Murray is in = af/30

It is useful to take note of the IDs of pages you commonly use to quickly access them using the "Go to" search bar in the system, or when adding links or components to pages.

Locating IDs

For Pages: 

Graphic of Ingeniux IDs


For Assets:

Graphic of Ingeniux IDs

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