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Components are containers that help display pieces of content on a page in a particular format. They are used in conjunction with pages to display certain types of content and provide additional functionality a page alone may not provide on its own.

Components can be created directly on a page (embedded) or created in the Global Content Components folder (un-embedded). If the content only applies to the page, it is best to embed the component. If the content will be shared across multiple pages, for example, a FAQ Accordion  that the college has posted across the website, the component will need to be created un-embedded.

When Creating a Component:

1. If the component will be un-embedded, it needs to be created in the respective component folder within the Global Content Components folder located near the bottom of the Site Tree.

2. Component Naming Convention = Section / Component Type / Short Description of Content. Example: Astronomy Accordion Course Questions




Body Copy


Button List


Card Gallery


Image Gallery


Index List


Link List


Slideshow Component


Video Body


Video Gallery

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