GoPrint FAQ

What is GoPrint?

GoPrint is a centralized printer management system. It is designed to help us to better support and maintain a more flexible and efficient printer fleet than the previous system was able to.

How do I use GoPrint?

If you are printing from a general access computer (computer labs, Library etc.) to a general access printer see our GoPrint Printing Guide.

If instead you are printing from your own computer to a general access printer, you will need to first go through our GoPrint Printer Setup Instructions, then proceed to the above Printing Guide.

How much can I print?

Each semester students are given $50 of free printing.

Seniors producing a thesis may request an additional $15 on their account free-of-charge by emailing and indicating their major and thesis advisor.

How much does GoPrint charge?

Black and white printing is charged at 5 cents per page for single-sided printing and 4.5 cents per side for double-sided duplex printing**. Color printing is 50 cents per page/side.

**During December and May, all black and white printing will be provided free-of-charge.

Can I print beyond my $50 credit?

Yes. To print beyond your free printing credit, see our instructions for Requesting Additional Printing Credit. And to check your current usage, check your GoPrint Dashboard

Can I use GoPrint for personal printing?

Yes. The free printing credit (and any credit you add) may be used to print for classes and incidental personal use. 

If you need to print for a student organization or as a teaching/research assistant, this can usually be achieved by setting up a secondary printing account that gets charged to the appropriate budget number. Please contact for more information. 

How is GoPrint different from other printing methods?

You should hardly notice any differences when printing from a Whitman computer to a GoPrint managed printer except that the printer name is something like "\\goprint\name_of_printer".

Setting up your personal machine to connect to a GoPrint managed printer will also be a different (and easier) process. However, the process of setting double-sided printing will remain the same and you will still need to manually set double-sided printing on the Whitman Macs every time you print. See our instructions for double-sided printing for more information.

Finally, note that any printer connections set up for GoPrint printers using the older (direct-IP) method will no longer work, and you'll need to set up new GoPrint connections to replace them.

I lost my print job due to a printer problem, can I get my money back?

Yes. If your prints don't turn out due to a technical problem with the printer (no ink, paper, etc.), you can go to the GoPrint Dashboard to request printing credits refunded in your account.  

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