Where: Cordiner Hall

When: Friday, May 4, 8:00 PM - 8:00 PM to Saturday, May 5


Whitman Dance Theater presents MYSTERIUM, a multimedia dance work by Whitman modern dance instructor Vicki Lloid in collaboration with composer Kristin Vining, student choreographer Rhya Milici, poet and short story writer Tess Gallagher, choreographer Phoebe Neville and Oregon artist Aislinn Adams. The evening-length work features twenty five Whitman dancers interacting with and integrating music, film and poetry into a dance/performance piece comprised of seven movements. Original music scored and performed by Ms. Vining, alongside Whitman student musicians and a chorus of voices, accompanies throughout. Film of Ms. Neville’s solo concert work from the Lincoln Center Library of The Performing Arts archives will be used alongside three of Gallagher’s poems from her new collection “Midnight Lantern,” copies of which will be available in the lobby during the performances. Ms Gallagher will sign copies of her books on opening night. The artwork of Aislinn Adams will be used for the promotion of this concert and her work informs many important aspects of the collaboration. Ms Adams work will also be available in the lobby.

MYSTERIUM looks at trauma, some ways in which we experience it and what we do when we encounter it, exploring the various ways we are all able to inflict pain on one another and how sometimes simple cold dismissal can be identical to a knife wound. MYSTERIUM also explores the concept of the divine and suggests how divine principles may work in everyday lives in ways we don’t always comprehend or acknowledge.

While people find trauma at different times in life and exhibit differing responses and reactions depending on specifics and age, each person’s experience can be characterized as unique and yet still bound by human emotion to a type of sameness we can all identify with and so distill to certain truths. When trauma occurs, typically the first question we ask is why. While MYSTERIUM doesn’t offer answers, it gives clues to the choices we can make and how we can honor our own lives and those of others as we move forward and learn to make something worthwhile come out of pain to create new form.

Also on the program will be a new work commissioned for Whitman dancers by San Francisco contemporary choreographer Sebastian Grubb as well as student works by Brenton Weyi and RiverRince.

Vicki Lloid
Adjunct Instructor of Dance
(509) 529-2840 or (509) 520-6850