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Doug Scarborough
February 24, 2023
Limitless Possibilities
Associate Professor Doug Scarborough is an educator and jazz musician who directs Jazz Ensemble 1 and teaches music courses at Whitman College. He has played with jazz legends such as Benny Golson and Louie Bellson. Scarborough’s passion for jazz lies in the genre’s improvisational and free nature. He continues to perform and has recently released his fourth album, “The Color of Angels,” which blends Middle Eastern sound with jazz.
Jessica Palacios
February 24, 2023
Once Upon a Time
Jessica Palacios, a Whitman College alum from the class of 2016, works at her family bookstore. When it was in danger of closing nearly 20 years ago, Jessica wrote a letter to the local newspaper asking to keep it open. When her family heard about the letter, they decided to take the leap and buy the business. As the the oldest children’s bookstore in the country, the Palacios family worked hard to keep up with a changing world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once Upon A Time is located in Montrose, California and has been featured in Publisher’s Weekly and on The Kelly Clarkson Show.
Alissa Cordner
February 24, 2023
Making the Invisible Visible
Associate Professor of Sociology at Whitman College, Alissa Cordner is an international expert in PFAS, also known as the “forever chemicals” because they can remain in the human body for a lifetime, and in the environment for thousands of years. PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are a class of thousands of synthetic chemicals that scientists have linked to myriad health problems, including cancer and fertility issues. They’re used across modern industrial processes and products, including to make items non-stick, waterproof, stain-resistant and fire-retardant. Cordner founded the PFAS Project Lab where she and her students study the topic.
President's office
February 24, 2023
Dr. Sarah Bolton took office leading Whitman College as its 15th president. She also moved into her physical office on the second floor of Memorial Building—a spacious, light-filled room among the trees, with southwest views of Boyer Avenue. President Bolton had a hand in choosing the artwork for the space. She selected pieces from Whitman’s extensive art collection.
Book cover
February 24, 2023
Professor Bobrow-Strain’s Award-Winning Book Inspires Feature Film
Whitman College Professor of Politics Aaron Bobrow-Strain’s award-winning narrative nonfiction book, “The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez,” is on the path to becoming a feature film.
Whit City is Back
February 16, 2023
Go Blues! Whit City is Back
Whit City, the branded student section for all thing Whitman athletics, is back after losing momentum during the pandemic. Whitman student-athletes can now count on boisterous support from the sidelines—of the court, field or pool.
White text on black background: “NO MORE ALLIES.”
February 15, 2023
Power & Privilege Keynote Speaker Loretta J. Ross
Loretta J. Ross, an acclaimed activist, public intellectual, and professor, will deliver the keynote address at the annual Power & Privilege Symposium on February 21st. The symposium aims to examine structural inequality and social justice, featuring a hip-hop performance by Sounds of the People on February 22nd and panel discussions on February 23rd.
Adam Miller
February 2, 2023
Whitman College Appoints New Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid
Whitman College Appoints Adam Miller As the New Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid
February 2, 2023
Whitman College Appoints New Vice President for Communications
Whitman College Appoints Gina Zandy Ohnstad As the New Vice President for Communications
January 27, 2023
Amber Ebarb ’03 Appointed to Serve as Minority Staff Director for the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
“I am pleased that Amber has accepted her new position as Minority Staff Director. She has helped the committee navigate complicated areas of federal Indian policy and has pursued common ground that resulted in good outcomes for all Native peoples. I thank Lucy for her incredible leadership, expertise, and mentorship as Interim Staff Director. Her wisdom and counsel is invaluable to the important work of the committee. I am excited to continue working with both of them and our team to address the unique challenges facing Native communities across the country,” said Vice Chairman Murkowski.
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