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Object Lesson

Scarificator and bloodletting cups of Dr. Augustus J. Thibodo,
Pictured above, the Scarificator and bloodletting cups of Dr. Augustus J. Thibodo, part of the Thibodo Collection at Whitman’s Maxey Museum. Thibodo was a Canadian pioneer who traveled from Kingston, Ontario to St. Paul, Minnesota and on to Walla Walla, Washington as part of the Northwest Exploring Expedition of 1859. Photo by Matt Banderas.

“Warning. Scarifier for Blood Letting. Button on end pull back and by doing so you expose blades. Button sets blades for depth of cut. The steel projection between buttons press down and that frees cutting blades.”

“Cups for Blood letting. Clear glass cut. Pour in a few drops of alcohol and set afire. Use Scarifier and turn cup over: the alcohol cause a vacuum in cup and by so draws blood out.”
—Rx notes from Francis H. Thibodo, M.D.C.M. Son of Dr. Augustus J. Thibodo

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