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Library connections

Aaron Aguilar ’12 studies in Penrose Library for the quiet moments like this. Even better, he says, are the opportunities to discuss the night’s reading with other students studying in the library.

Aaron Aguilar ’12
Hometown: Pacoima, California
Major: history and Spanish

I learn best during crowded, busy nights at the library. Does the noise bother me? Sometimes. Does the bustle of people distract me? Maybe. But when there are so many people in the library at once, it is quite easy to visit a classmate in the cubicle next door, or a friend at the table on the opposite side of the room, and have a conversation about your night’s reading or the paper due next week. Whitties may sometimes get a bit noisy in the library, but when this is the case I know I will have a great conversation that night. The library is not a place to go to study in isolation for me but the place where I have held some of the most engaging, caffeine-induced discussions. Penrose Library is no longer a place to bury yourself behind a pile of books all by yourself (although we do have the Allen Reading Room for that purpose), but a place to hold truly engaging learning experiences with other Whitties.

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