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Whitman Book Collection

Pasco Allan Pasco ’60 is the author of “Revolutionary Love in Eighteenth- and early Nineteenth-Century Literature,” his eighth book. Using history as points of reference, he examines the “conceptual shift in the ideal of love” in 18th century France, offering commentary about the nexus of literature and society. Pasco, the Hall distinguished professor of 19th century literature at the University of Kansas, writes, “I am still very happily married to Dallas Christiansen Pasco ’60, and we see our four children and six grandchildren with some frequency.” (Ashgate Publishing)

NordstromEugene Nordstrom ’62 is the author of “Reflections in Gold,” a novel that earned the Editor’s Choice and Rising Star literary awards. It is a story of a bitter struggle to shape Washington State’s North Cascade wilderness into two very different images. An investigative reporter goes on a dangerous mission to “expose the sinister connection between Reflection Lake’s land developers and the corrupt county political machine.” Nordstrom, a retired clinical psychotherapist, is a member of Willamette Writers in Portland, Ore. His other published novels include “The Honeymoon Car” and “The Road to Glory Land.” (IUniverse)

WinterClaire Winter ’69 is the author of “On Being Ourselves: A Transgender Perspective.” The book, based on the author’s personal experiences, analyzes human sexuality and provides a detailed overview of the myriad forms of transgender expression and relationships.

MorelJeanne Morel ’80 had her first poetry chapbook, “That Crossing is Not Automatic,” published. In the mid-1990s she lived in Cambodia and taught at the University of Phnom Penh. She has worked with refugees and immigrants in communities, schools, factories and prisons. The book distills fragments from this work and presents a collage, offering “a dictionary, if not an atlas, of sites for our possible crossings.” Morel teaches writing at Bellevue (Wash.) College. (Tarpaulin Sky)

Brown Rachel Brown-Chidsey ’87 has written her third book, “RTI in the Classroom.” “I am a faculty member at the University of Southern Maine, and we split our time between Maine during the school year and Alaska during the summers.” (Guilford Press)

CroninThomas E. “Tom” Cronin, president emeritus of Whitman College (1993-2005), released the third edition of “The Paradoxes of the American Presidency,” a book he co-authored with Michael A. Genovese. The authors note that the latest edition includes a review and analysis of the “controversial and consequential” presidency of George W. Bush. “From the attacks of 9/11 and the war against terrorism animated by that horrible act, to the economic meltdown of 2008 and the administration’s bailout attempts, we explore the causes and consequences of the dramatic events of the Bush presidency, and their impact on the separation of powers.” The book also examines the vice presidency of Dick Cheney and the early stages of the Barack Obama presidency (Oxford University Press, 2010). Cronin is the McHugh professor of American institutions and leadership at Colorado College. His “On The Presidency: Teacher, Soldier, Shaman, Pol,” a probing study of the U.S. presidency, was published in August 2008. (Paradigm Publishers)

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