You know, it's funny you should ask, disembodied, faceless viewer of the Theatre Sports website. Theatre Sports is an Improv Comedy group composed of students at Whitman College. At the moment, we have 13 Theatre Athletes on our team (we hold auditions at the beggining of every academic year). What is Improv Comedy, you ask? Well, content-consumer, you're all questions today, aren't you! Improv Comedy is a style of Theatre where, rather than having scripts and memorized lines, the actors improvise characters, scenes, and dialogue off the top of their heads. Suggestions from the audience keep the shows fresh and original.

Personally, I'm not sure when Theatre Sports started. Some theorize that in the great irony shortage of 1976, the small group of students gathered in a basement in Walla Walla to get through the hard times. Others claim that Theatre Sports was originally devised by Macarthyists as a means to keep an eye on possible Communist Party activity. Still others claim that it was started at some point in the early to mid 90's by a few students hungry for attention and desperate for validation. No matter how it started, Theatre Sports has been a source of amusement for the students of Whitman College and Walla Walla community in general since its inauguration (except a couple of shows in '98 and '03, but we won't mention those).

In general, Theatre Sports does a number of shows for the student body every semester. But we also perform for Ren Faire, Admissions Office Events, Fraternity/Sorority events, Interest House events, etc. We also do a number of workshops for students and community members throughout the year. As a sort piece de resistance for the year, we do 24-Hour Theatre Sports, which is exactly what it sounds like. We perform as a group for 24 hours, raising money for charity in the process. If you are interested in booking Theatre Sports for your event, please visit the Contact Us Page.