3.19.06 - Chicago, Bitches. Chicago.
posted by matt and eric

So Eric Wehlitz and I are getting hella (read:hella) cranked (read:crunked) right now. We just stupid excited about going to Chicago and working with Second (read: Numba 1!) City and ImprovOlympic. Recent investigation has showed that Eric Wehlitz's fist is the size of a regulation size croquet mallet (don't ask... that brotha made me his personal finger puppet earlier... don't ASK!).

Eric's review: for the past three hours we have sat through the excrutiating pain of watching the fourth Harry Potter film "The Goblet of Fire". I mean, like seriously, there is no way Harry is capable of performing wordless incantation until the sixth year. Who do you think you are, Harry Potter? And Fleur, you think you're hot shit? Fuck that. Serious.

Damn, suckas, we weak like circus lemonade (which is, in case you weren't aware, notoriously weak... just... forget about it). So, Cirque Du Soleil, right? I still don't believe Andre the Giant ate one of those small people. The midget mafia is trying to ruin that man's reputation. It always seems like the small dudes get the shaft, but it's the super big guys who really get fisted. This song goes out to that big man in the sky, getting ridden by an army of midgets like a damn dime-store pony. Lovin' you... is easy 'cause you're hella big (do-do-do-do-dooo-dooooo..... comically high note).

Peace. Broke-back love, t-sports. Jcho!

1.29.06 - Website Largely to Entirely Operational
posted by matt

I'm not sure why I say "posted by matt" up there. It's not like anyone else can post things to this website. I'm keeping it though. I think it gives the website at least the air of community. Anyway, so the website "works" now. That means that all the links work and most of the problems are solved. However, there's a problem when you're looking at it through Internet Explorer on some computers where the beveled corners don't line up or something. Shrug. Everything but the "Shows" section and the "T-Athletes" section are up. I'm hoping to at least get the T-Athletes section up within the next couple of days.

In more personal developments, I had a bagel today, and I at least considered the possibility of quiting smoking. That's a step in the right direction, I feel. I also listened to "Songs in the Key of Life" like a thousand times. Man, Stevie Wonder rocks the hardest.

1.28.06 - New Website Under Construction
posted by matt

So, yeah, I've been doing some work on the website. As of right now, only the main page is up (Yeah, I know we've been here before -- but look how pretty and Whitman College-y this whole thing is! Yeah, suck on that WCTS!). Everything will come together soon, though. It'll be amazing, I assure you. Hey, all the corners are already beveled!

In unrelated news, our first show of the semester is going to be on Tuesday, the 1st of February in Chism at 10:00 PM. Show up, because, well... you never know, we might bring candy or something. This will be the first show to feature Eric Wehlitz since his return from Scotland, so he has to bring the funny.

That's all for now. Keep it real, at all costs.

12.11.05 - New Website / Newbies
posted by matt

So, well, kids. This is something that I hope will develop into the new tsports website. I hope it doesn't suck... that bad. Or that it may be so bad that it's good. Stephen and I messed with a number of motifs. Some of which involved German Flags, others Eagles and American flags. We settled with a joyfully non-descript grayscale. Doesn't it make you feel... numb? Oh, god. I've been writing HTML too long. Groan. Not the noise, the word.

Anyway... so, this site is not that... done, per se. None of the links... "work". So HERE is a link to the old one... but... this one... this... is gonna be so much more... grayscale.

So... first show... killer. Enough said. We recently concluded casting operations, and we have some sick ass new people all up in that. Here are their names: Sarah Hathaway, Ben Kegan, Ezra Fox, Caitlin Schoenfelder.

1.28.06 - Casting

What's up, Seattle (read: Walla Walla)! This week's item of peripheral interest is a set of videos we took just after we decided who to cast on T-sports. It's ancient tradition to wake up the new cast members in the middle of the night when we decide to cast them. It's fun. Some of these videos get kind of dark, but the audio alone is priceless. For more IOVTMI go to click on the IOVTMI section above.

Ben Video
Sarah Video
Ezra Video
Intro Video