The Theatre at Sparta

(modern Sparti, Greece)

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Modern Sparti, Greece

Theatre Type:

Greco-Roman Theatre

Date of Construction:

ca. 30 - 20 BC

Renovation Dates:


British School at Athens:1906-10, Bosanquet and then Dawkins; 1924-08, Woodward, Lamb, Cuttle and de Jong; 1992-98, Waywell and Wilkes.


Cavea Width: 114 meters
Orchestra: Diameter 29.55 meters

Seating Capacity:

10,300 - 12,850

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

Monday - 2.IV.06

Found to-day in theatre. [Greek text naming the emperor Vespasian.] This is the architectural block and probably comes from portico surrounding theatre! (2) The road to S. of theatre has been discovered! These discoveries occurred within 2 minutes. You can picture the wild excitement. Also an interesting discovery that the large blocks of the theatre bear a large No. of mason's marks, A, E, N etc apparently of 4th or 3rd cent. date. Things going very strong just now. As Tillyard & Traqua(ir) will probably both go after Easter, it will be, I expect, necessary for me to have assistance then. I hope you will arrange or perhaps have arranged w(ith) Droop.
GD (G. Dickins) (More...)

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