The Theatre at Syracusae

(modern Siracusa, Sicily, Italy)

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Modern Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

Theatre Type:

Hellenistic Theatre

Date of Construction:

238 - 215. BCE

Renovation Dates:

Replaced rectiliner, 5th century BCE theatre. Twice restored in Hellenistic period, new Roman stage build 2nd century CE., kolmbethra built 5th century CE.

GPS Coordinates::

37.07639, 15.275


Cavea Width: 138.5 meters
Orchestra Diameter:21.4 meters

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

Syracusae is home to both the oldest and the largest theatre in Sicily. It is fair to say, however, that they are not necessarily one in the same. The earliest theatre in Ancient Siracusae was not the enormous, 15,000 seat, conical theatre we see today. That distinction goes to a simpler, rectilinear theatre that probably seated 1000 spectators or less.nn More...

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