The Greco/Roman Theatre at Sicyon

(Modern Kiato, Greece)

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Sicyon (Sikyon), near modern village of Kiato, Perfecture: Korinthia, Region: Peloponissos

GPS Coordinates:

37°59'03.3"N+22°42'40.4"E or 37.9842327,22.6762105

Date of Construction:

303 - 251 BC (Greek)

Renovation Dates:

Roman Scene Building - 1st c. BC or early Imperial
Roman stage - late Roman


1886 - 1891: American School of Cl. Studies, 1920, 1984: Archaeological Society of Athens


Seating: 122w x 58 meters - 400w x 192 feet
Orchestra: Diameter 24.3 meterss - 79.7 feet
Skene: 24.5w x 12.11 meters - 80.3 x 40

Seating Capacity:

40 to 60 rows (estimate)

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View of Theatre at Sicyon

The Theatre: The Hellenistic theatre at Sicyon (modern name Vassiliko, Greece) was built between 303 and 251 BC and was altered at least twice by the Romans. The present day ruins at Sicyon are but a faint reminder of the Romanized theatre Pausinias visited in the second century CE. "On the stage of the theater built under the citadel is a statue of a man with a shield, who they say is Aratus, the son of Cleinias. After the theater is a temple of Dionysus" (Pausanias 2.7.5). -More....

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