This Site Requires QuickTime

QuickTime is special software written by Apple Computer to provide advanced graphics capabilities for both Macintosh and Windows computers. The Virtual Reality Theatre Tour panoramas were developed using QuickTime VR Authoring Studio and require QuickTime to run.

Just click the icon above to go to the Apple download site. Then follow instructions to install QuickTime on your computer free of charge.

Problems with Windows Media Player

Increasingly, users of recent versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer are seeing a logo for "Windows Media" where there should be a revolving panorama. This can happen even if QuickTime has been correctly installed. We call this the "wimp hijack" (WMP, for Windows Media Player).

Microsoft has no technology of their own for revolving panoramas, equivalent to QTVR. But their multimedia software (WMP) tries to play all files that end in .mov, which includes QTVR and other QuickTime formats. So you just get that logo, not even an error message.

The solution is to install QuickTime if you haven't already done so. If you have installed QuickTime but are still getting hijacked you need to configure your browser so it uses the QuickTime plug-in rather than WMP.