Theatre at Priene

Near Modern Gullubache, Turkey)

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Location Near Modern Gullubache, Turkey

GPS Coordinates

37.66006, 27.29791

Theatre Type:

Greek Theatre

Earliest Construction:

ca. 340 BC

Cavea Width: 57 meters - Orchestra: Diameter 18.7 meters

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

The horseshoe-shaped theatre at Priene represents one of the best-preserved and earliest forms of Hellenistic theatre constructions in Turkey. The city of Priene is located on the northern edge of the Meander River plain approximately thirty kilometers from the present day Turkish city of Kusadasi. The ancient city was once a flourishing port, but the Meander River, true to its name, isolated the city by depositing silt, thus producing the fertile farmland we see today. More...


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