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Ostia Antica, Italy

Theatre Type:

Roman Theatre

Date of Construction:

19/12 B.C.



Renovation Dates:

A.D. 196, Late 4th Century

Archive Locations:

Ostia Antica Excavations
Via dei Romagnoli, 717
00119 Ostia Antica ROMA


A.D. 1880/81, 1890, Early 20th Century


Orchestra: 18 X 9 meters - 59 X 30 feet
Stage: 34 X 6 meters - 112 X 20 feet
Theatron: 88 X 50 meters - 289 X 164 feet
(approximate measurements based on plan view)

Seating Capacity:

3000 - 4000

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

The theatre was built along the Decumanus Maximus. The outline could already be drawn in the early 19th century. The excavation was completed in the years 1880-1881, 1890, and in the early 20th century. The building was restored very extensively. -More

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