Ocriculum Theatre

(Otricoli, Italy)

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Location Otricoli, Italy

GPS Coordinates

42.41538, 12.46527

Theatre Type:

Roman Theatre

Date of Construction:

Augustan, 27 BCE - 14 CE

cavea width 79m, orchestra diameter 15m

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

The Roman Theatre at Oriculum
The roman theatre leans with its back on the slope of the hill, while an artificial levelling supported by substructures now hidden was set before the cavea (stands): one of these, very imposing, decorated with niches on the front, remains on the Tiber's side.

The level ground hides the underground shaft in which the S. Vittore brook flows, coming out openly downhill near the aforesaid substructure. The cavea is 79 m. in diameter, 'it uses the ground behind, only partly leaning on it, and on both ends is built with substructure-rooms, three on the left, one on the right; it is divided in three parts, summa (highest part), media (middle) and ima (lowest). More....


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