The Theatre at Morgantina

(modern Serra Orlando, Sicily, Italy)

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Modern Serra Orlando, Sicily, Italy

Theatre Type:

Hellenistic Theatre

Date of Construction:

325. BCE

Renovation Dates:

Earliest date: ca 325 BCE with renovatons ca. 300 BCE; Morgantina destroyed: 211BCE.

GPS Coordinates::

37.43003, 14.47943


Cavea Width: 57.5 meters
Orchestra Diameter:14.4 meters

Seating Capacity:

2000 -3000

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

The Hellenistic theater of Morgantina was constructed toward the middle of the third century BCE, on the site of an earlier and more modest structure of the same function. The existing theater is part of an ambitious unitary project of the embellishment of the agorà. The koilon or cavea, constructed in roughly squared blocks of local limestone, has a maximum diameter of m 57.7. and is divided horizontally in two parts: below, the ima cavea composed of sixteen rows of seats, and above, the summa cavea, an earthen embankment which was never furnished with stone seats (except for four straight seats behind the fourth sector). The ima cavea is divided into six kerkides or wedge-shaped sections, by seven klimakes or rows of steps, two of which are placed next to the analemmata. More...

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