The Theatre at Heraclea Minoa (Eraclea Minoa)

(modern Eraclea Minoa, Sicily, Italy)

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Modern Eraclea Minoa, Sicily, Italy

Theatre Type:

Hellenistic Theatre

Date of Construction:

320. BCE

Renovation Dates:


GPS Coordinates::

37.39427, 13.2807


Cavea Width: 50.6 meters
Orchestra Diameter:16.7 meters

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

The Hellenistic Theater of Heraclea Minoa, (Italian: Eraclea Minoa):

What sets the ruins of the theatre at Heraclea Minoa apart from other mid-4th century BCE., Hellenistic theatres? Most noticeably, it has a 20th century roof, an oddly elongated orchestra, and, unlike most stone theatres, it is dissolving.

Heraclea (modern Eraclea) Minoa City History: the original city named, Minoa, was founded in the middle of the 6th century BCE as an outpost of the Greek colony of Selinus (modern Selinunte). The city was well sited on a limestone bluff located on the southwest coast of Sicily, 37 km northwest of Agrigentum (modern Agrigento).. More...

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