Epidaurus Theatre

(modern Epidauros, Greece)

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Epidauros, Greece;
32 km E of Nafplion; 63 km S of Corinth

Theatre Type:

Greek Theatre

Date of Construction:

ca. 300-340 BC.

Renovation Dates:

ca. 150 BC , 1907, 1954 - 1963


1879 - 1926, 1954 - 1963


cavea width 119 m, orchestra diameter 24.65 m

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

The Epidaurians have a theatre within the sanctuary, in my opinion very well worth seeing. For while the Roman theatres are far superior to those anywhere else in their splendor, and the Arcadian theater at Megalopolis is unequalled for size, what architect could seriously rival Polycleitus in symmetry and beauty? For it was Polycleitus who built both this theatre and the circular building. (Pausanias 113) -

On the west side of Mt. Kynortion in northeastern Peloponnesus is the Theatre at Epidaurus. In antiquity, the theatre was admired for its excellent acoustics, symmetry and beauty. More....

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