The Roman Odeum at Ephesus

(near modern Selçuk, Turkey)

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Modern Selçuk, Turkey)

Theatre Type:

Roman Odeum

Date of Construction:

Second half of 2nd cent. AE

Renovation Dates:

GPS Coordinates:

38.91541, -6.33844


Cavea Width: 47.5 meters
Orchestra: Diameter 9.2 meters

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View of Ephesus Odeum

The Roman Odeum at Ephesus, Turkey: There are two theatre structures at Ephesus, the Great Theatre and the smaller Odeum (Bouleuterion). An inscription tells us that the theatre was commissioned around 150 AD by the wealthy benefactor Publius Vedius Antoninus and his wife Flavia Papiane. The building is located at the northern edge of the State Agora in close proximity to the Pryteneion (the town hall), and has been interpreted both as a city council chamber (Bouleuterion) and as a small concert hall (Odeum). The structure, which resembles a small theatre, most likely served both functions. ....More...

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