Dionysus Theatre

(modern Athens, Greece)

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Location Athens, Greece

GPS Coordinates

37°58'13.9"N+23°43'41.2"E or37.9705382,23.71061044

Theatre Type:

Greek Theatre

Date of Construction:

Orchestra, early 5th cent., Periclean
construction late 5th cent., Lycurgian construction mid 4th cent. BC, Neronian renovatons mid 1st cent. CE

Cavea Width: 82 meters
Orchestra: Diameter 26.53 meters

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View


If Western Theatre architecture had a holy shrine, the theatre of Dionysos in Athens would be worthy of the title. This ancient theatre on the southern slope of the Acropolis was the home base for Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, and Aristophanes, and embedded within the excavation ruins is the history of Greek and Roman theatre construction.

The Theatre was renovated many times during the course of its 2500-year history. During the Greek period, the constructions reflected the development of Greek drama. Changes made during the Roman period reflected Roman style and the gradual shift from scenic plays to circus games. The ruins we see today are little more than a shadow of a memory but bear witness to the development of Western Drama.


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