The Theatre at Aspendos, Turkey


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22 kilometers from

Theatre Type:


Date of Construction:

161-180 AD (Roman)


Zeno, son of Theodorus

Renovation Dates:

Seljuk period (1200s AD)

Archive Locations:



Theatron: 99w X 73 meters - 325w X 240 feet
Orchestra: 24w X 20 meters - 79w X 66 feet
Stage: 49.5w X 7 meters - 162w X 23 feet
(approximate measurements based on drafting)

Seating Capacity:

15,000 to 20,000

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View of Theatre at Aspendos

The ancient city of Aspendos (modern city of Belkis, ancient city of Pamphylia) is located on Turkey's southern Mediterranean coast forty-seven kilometers from the modern city of Antalya. Its spectacularly well-preserved theatre is one of the best examples of Roman theatre construction in the world. While there was probably an earlier ancient theatre on the site, it was completely obliterated by the Roman theatre, which was built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD). -More....

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