Timeline for City and Theatre

Aspendos, Turkey

546 BC

Aspendos (Estwediiys) under Persian rule

ca. 500 BC

coins minted in the 4th and 5th centuries BC give the citie's name as Estwediiys

ca. 480 BC

Estwediiys (Aspendos) under protection of the Delian League

469 BC

Persian fleet defeated off coast of Aspendos by Athenian maritime alliance (Delian League)

411 BC

the Persians are back; city re-captured and used it as a Persian base

404 BC

Peloponnesian War ends; Sparta now controls Athenian Empire including Aspendos

386 BC

Persians regain control of Aspendos from Sparta

334 BC

Alexander the Great defeats Persians; Aspendos free of Persian Rule

334 - 133 BC

Aspendos alternately under the control of the Ptolemies and the Seleucids following the death of Alexander and eventually falling into the hands of the Kingdom of Pergamon, to which it remained bound until 133 BC

133 BC

Aspendos comes under Roman rule

161-180 AD

theatre at Aspendos constructed; considerable municiple construction in Aspendos between 2nd and 3rd century AD while under Roman rule

ca. 200 AD

orchestra at Aspendos theatre renovated allowing for gladitorial games ( parapet built between audience and orchestra

ca. 1200 AD

Aspendos under Selcuk rule; theatre restored; reinforced the entire north wing with bricks and embellished for use as palace

ca 1400

city was abandoned; the area now governed by the Ottomans


ruins of Aspendos theatre discovered by Count Landskonski ; No pre-Roman evidence of Aspendos has been discovered
General Timeline for Turkey

Mycenaean Period ca. 1500 - 1200 BC

Late Roman Empire ca. AD 293 - 395

Phrygian, Uratian, Lydian Period ca. 1200 - 542 BC

Early Byzantine Period ca. AD 395 - 610

Persian-Classical Period ca. 542 - 333 BC

Middle Byzantine Period ca. AD 610 - 961

Early Hellenistic Period ca. 333 - 167 BC

Late Byzantine Period ca. AD 961 - 1176

Late Hellenistic Period ca. 167 BC - AD 43

Seljuk Turkish Period ca. AD 1176 - 1299

Early Roman Empire ca. AD 43 - 162

Ottoman Turkish Period ca. AD 1299 - 1922

Middle Roman Empire ca. AD 162 - 293

Modern Turkey ca. AD 1922 - present

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