Argos Theatre

(modern Argos, Greece)

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Location Argos, Greece

GPS Coordinates

37°37'53.9"N+22°43'09.4" or37.6316482,22.7017804

Theatre Type:

Greek Theatre

Date of Construction:

320 BCE

cavea width 52 m, orchestra diameter 26 m

Seating Capacity:

16,000 to 20,000

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

The ruins of two distinct theater sites, situated just 100 meters from each other, have been excavated in Argos. The first recorded date for excavation of a theater here was 1892, when I. Kophiniotis partially unearthed the larger, Hellenistic theater. Although it is unclear when, exactly, the theaters fell into disuse, changes made to the theater, the odeum, and other Argive sites point to sustained activity as late as the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. These theaters could have been buried for as many as 1,400 years (Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites). ----More...


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