The Theatre at Aphrodisias, Turkey


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Near the modern town of Karacasu, Turkey

Theatre Type:


Date of Construction:

300 BC (Early Hellenistic)



Renovation Dates:

38 BC; 40-68 AD; 161-180 AD (Roman)

Archive Locations:

Izmir Archaeological Museum, Istanbul Archaeological Museum


1904 under Paul Gaudin (French), 1905-1913 under French teams, 1937-39 under Guilio Jacopi (Italian), 1961-present under New York University and the University of Oxford


Theatron: 116w X 81 meters - 380w X 266 feet
Orchestra: 30w X 6 meters - 98w X 19.5 feet
Stage: 36w X 11 meters - 118w X 52.5 feet
(approximate measurements based on architectural drawing)

Seating Capacity:

10,000 - 15,000

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View of Theatre at Aphrodisias

The ancient city of Aphrodisias was built over the remains of numerous prehistoric settlements dating back to the Early Bronze period. Prior to the founding of Aphrodisias, the city names of Lelegonopolis, Megalopolis, and the Assyrian city of Ninoe have all been associated with this ancient site. The Hellenistic city of Aphrodisias was named for Venus Aphrodite, and is located near the modern town of Karacasu in Turkey. Although the 200-acre site was inhabited as early as 2700 BC, the ruins we see today date from the third century BC and reflect the influence of Rome from the first century BC to the seventh century AD. More....

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