Alexandria Roman Odeum

(modern Alexandia, Egypt)

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North Africa (Aegyptus)

Theatre Type:

Roman Odeum

Date of Construction:

ca. 145-211 AD

GPS Coordinates:

31.19479, 29.90415 or 31°11'41.2"N+29°54'14.9"E



Cavea Width: 33 meters
Orchestra:Width: 6 meters

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

Roman Odeum In Alexandria: This 4th century building must have been a landmark in its time. It continued in use for close to 300 years, falling into ruin only after the Islamic conquest. Built with a semicircular audience, it was initially intended as a small theatre for music performances (odeum). The blocks used in its construction came from some unidentified, but grandiose ruin of earlier date. Two examples of sets made of reused architectural elements from a fine cornice are displayed on top of the auditorium. In the early 6th century AD, the building was altered in order to make it conform to new public demand. The round hall was now given a horseshoe-shaped auditorium and covered with a large dome. More...

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