The Roman Theatre at Arausio

(Modern Orange, France)

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Orange, France

Theatre Type:

Roman Theatre

Date of Construction:

Late Augustan (Early 1st century) ?

Renovation Dates:



Seating: 103.63 meters
Orchestra: Diameter 29.9 meters

Seating Capacity:

5.850 / 7,300

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View of Theatre at Arausio

The Roman colony of Arausio (now Orange) was probably founded around 35 BCE for the veterans of the second Gallic Legion.  The town was about 7 kilometers east of the river Rhône, in the northern part of Gallia Narbonensis in southern France.  While we know little of the early inhabitants of the city, epigraphical evidence indicates that the inhabitants of the first century CE and later were remarkably mixed in origin: Greek, Italic and Gallic names are all attested.  These are the citizens who would have enjoyed performances in the spectacular theater. More...

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