The Theatre at Akragas

(modern Agrigento, Sicily, Italy)

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Modern Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

Theatre Type:

Hellenistic Theatre

Date of Construction:

?350. BCE

Renovation Dates:


GPS Coordinates::

37.29616, 13.5904


Cavea Width: ?100 meters
Orchestra Diameter:?

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View

Akragas, (modern Agrigento) was a major city during the golden age of 5th century Greek city-states with more than 100,000 inhabitants. The city was founded in 582 BCE by Greek colonists from Gela, Sicily. It was razed by the Carthaginians in 406; rebuilt in 338 by the Greeks; and fell to Rome during the Punic War in 262 BCE when it became the Roman city of Agrigentum.

The ruins of Agrigentum are to be found at The Valley of the Temples in modern Agrigento. This archeological site contains the most outstanding examples of Greek art and architecture in Sicily. But, until now, one monumental structure was missing - a theatre. That changed in 2016 when excavations began on the recently discovered 4th cent. BCE. Akragas theatre. More...

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