WhitmanWayfinderArtsAndCommunicationPeople working in journalism, publishing and media develop and deliver content in a variety of forms - presenting the written word via print, broadcast or online. This includes researching, interviewing, presenting, and publishing relevant and timely stories. The abilities to think critically and understand socio-historical constructs and apply journalistic and publishing standards to them are crucial. Courses across campus can provide students with relevant background in analytical writing, political discourse, screenwriting, television, film, sound production, and the printing process.

Following a summer internship with Willamette Week, Alyssa Donahue '16 said: 

"In a sense, journalism is a desk job. But it's much more of a get-out-and-see-the world job. And every day I get to see another corner of that world."

There are many clubs on campus that will allow you to explore your interests, stretch your skills and make an impact in an area about which you're passionate. Contact the ASWC Club Director at aswc_clubdir@whitman.edu to learn more about current clubs or start your own.

ASWC Communications
This committee includes at least one member who takes senate minutes and writes about ASWC's meetings and events.

ASWC Travel & Student Development Fund
Students request money from this fund for many endeavors--trips, conferences, gear, etc.--but it can also be a way to finance an on-campus 'zine or budding creative project.

blue moon
blue moon is a student-staffed annual art and literary magazine funded by ASWC that features outstanding art, prose, poetry, and digital media from the Whitman community.

Freedom Songs
The Freedom Songs Project includes a concert and zine that expand the kinds of media and stories consumed on campus, educate outside of the classroom and symposiums, and empower minority voices. Students can submit to the publication, perform in the concert, or join the team that coordinates the project.

KWCW 90.5, a non-profit radio station funded by ASWC and run by students, broadcasts from Reid Campus Center. More than 100 student DJs contribute to KWCW's free-format programming each year.

quarterlife is a student-run literary magazine funded by ASWC. Four times a year the staff solicits submissions based on a theme and then compiles and prints the issue.

Waiilatpu, a campus media organization funded by ASWC, chronicles each academic year on campus. The student staff photographs events and solicits submissions to compile a visually literate yearbook.

Whitman Wire
Founded before the turn of the twentieth century and funded by ASWC, the Whitman Wire is an entirely student-run weekly publication with news, arts and sports coverage as well as editorials. At a school with no journalism program, the Wire provides students with reporting, interviewing, photography, business, and design experience.

Writing House (Wri-Ho)
Up to six students and one resident assistant can live in the Writing House, which provides a creative atmosphere for students to improve their writing skills and host all-campus events.

Community involvement helps students understand a broad range of issues and is becoming increasingly important in the eyes of many employers. For more ways to connect with local organizations, contact the Student Engagement Center in Reid Campus Center.

Green Park Bilingual
Once a week students tutor children at Green Park Elementary School as they transition from learning only in Spanish to learning in English. Volunteers must be able to teach various subjects in Spanish, including math, reading, writing, and science.

Sustainable Living Center
The SLC conserves resources for the future by encouraging and facilitating sustainable living practices in our community. To fund its many programs, this organization needs volunteer grant writers.

Story Time Project
Story Time volunteers travel to classrooms and daycares throughout Walla Walla to read stories to children each week. Bilingual volunteers, especially those fluent in Spanish, are welcome.

Walla Walla Whitman Imaginative Writing Partnership
This program gives a number of Whitman students who are also talented writers and who have great potential as teachers the opportunity to combine the knowledge and skills they gain in creative writing courses at Whitman with the experience of teaching imaginative writing to younger students in Walla Walla public schools.

Fellowships and grants afford many students the opportunity to continue their learning beyond graduation in high-impact programs. For more information, please contact the Office of Fellowships and Grants in Reid Campus Center.

American Scandinavian Foundation
The American-Scandinavian Foundation offers a yearlong Fellowship for up to $23,000 and one-to-three months grants for up to $5,000 to individuals that seek to pursue research or study in any field in one or more Scandinavian countries. The amount awarded to each scholar varies each year due to the amount of funds that are available. The priority for Fellowships is given to graduate-level candidates to support a dissertation-related study of research.

Carnegie Junior Fellows Program
The Carnegie Junior Fellows Program selects 8-10 graduating seniors to serve as research assistants to senior associates-academics, former government officials, lawyers, and journalists from around the world to work on international affairs issues at the Carnegie Endowment in Washington, DC.

Critical Language Scholarship (U.S. Dept. of State)
The Critical Language Scholarship institutes provided a fully funded group-based intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences for seven to ten weeks for a U.S. citizen undergraduate, master's and Ph.D. students. This program is part of a U.S. government interagency effort to expand dramatically the number of Americans studying and mastering critical need foreign languages. Students of diverse disciplines and majors are encouraged to apply. Participants are expected to continue their language study beyond the scholarship period, and later apply their critical language skills in their future professional careers.  The levels that are available for each language include: Arabic, Persian (advanced beginning intermediate or advanced level); Azerbaijani, Bangla/Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Punjabi, Turkish, Urdu, Swahili (Beginning, intermediate or advanced level); Chinese, Japanese, Russian (Intermediate or advanced level). The countries that are available to study in include: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Russia, South Korea, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, or others where the target languages are spoken.

DAAD Study Scholarship in Visual and Performing Arts
The DAAD Study Scholarship in Visual and Performing Arts is awarded to students that are highly motivated and qualified in the fields of fine arts, design/visual communication, and film. The study scholarship will also receive an opportunity to complete additional studies, even if the student has not earned a formal degree at a German institute of higher education.

To learn more about working on campus, visit the Student Employment page. We have general job search resources here. For employers committed to diversity and opportunities for minorities, visit workplacediversity.com, nemnet.com, and blackcollegian.com.

Industry Job Boards

Internships and on-campus employment are excellent for accumulating work experience, developing your narrative, and broadening your network. Note that the list below is not comprehensive. Check sites such as vault.com and internships.com for more opportunities.

To see what Journalism, Publishing & Media internships Whitman students have held in the past, check out the Whitman Internship Database and search "Journalism, Publishing & Media" or "Arts & Communication".

Studying away from campus is a fantastic way to learn more about the world, as well as an excellent experience upon which you'll draw throughout your academic and professional career. For more information, contact Off-Campus Studies in Memorial.

SIT: Nicaragua Youth Culture, Literacy, and Media
Through the SIT: Nicaragua Youth Culture, Literacy, and Media program, Whitman students can explore Nicaragua a generation after the revolution and investigate how people in Nicaragua are creatively advocating for change. In addition to many site visits in Nicaragua, students gain comparative perspectives on youth issues during an excursion to Cuba.

IES: London Theater Studies
On the IES: London Studies program, Whitman students can engage in Britain's rich historical and contemporary theatrical tradition through theater and drama courses. Students see at least nine shows in London.

SIT: Serbia Peace and the Conflict Studies in the Balkans
Through the SIT: Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosova - Peace and Conflict in the Balkans program, Whitman students can gain firsthand knowledge of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and the struggle for human rights in Serbia, Bonsnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo.The program is based in Serbia, but students take educational excursions to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

DIS: Copenhagen
The DIS Copenhagen program, students can take a variety of courses in English while experiencing immersion in Copenhagen, Denmark. This program provides students with an academically challenging environment where students can take over 200 elective course that are all taught in English. There are several cultural engagements opportunities like course-integrated study tours, DIScovery Trips, housing.

AU Washington Semester Program
Whitman students who wish to learn about the U.S. government and national policy or engage in community organizing in the heart of the nation's capital may apply to attend American University's Washington Semester Program. Students obtain hands-on experience by participating in an internship as well as enrolling in a seminar course, which is often taught on location taking them behind the scenes in D.C. Washington Semester students also will choose locations to conduct an in-depth research project or enroll in an elective at American University.

Here are some possible post-graduate degrees pursued by people in journalism, publishing, and media. Contact Gayle Townsend at townsegv@whitman.edu for additional information.

  • Master Of Science or Arts (MS or MA) in Journalism
  • Master of Science (MS) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Film
  • Radio, & Television, Master of Publishing/Publishing Production
  • Master of Publishing and the Creative Economy
  • Ph.D. in Publishing Studies

Alumni in the Field

Log in to LinkedIn or Whitman Connect to learn about Whitman alumni with jobs in journalism, publishing and media.