WhitmanWayfinderArtsAndCommunicationPeople in advertising, marketing and public relations direct and manage clear, concise, and accurate communications for an organization. This includes planning, creating, and sharing content that develops an organization's identity and culture. Courses at Whitman can provide students with relevant understanding of statistical measurement, visual literacy, and human psychology, while the strong liberal arts emphasis on writing prepares them to communicate effectively.

Following an internship marketing independent films with IndieFlix, Cole Weinstein '17, said:

"Working at IndieFlix has been a great experience. This is a highly collaborative environment. Even as an intern, I always have an opportunity to express my opinion. I would like for my future career, whether or not it is in the film industry, to be a similar work environment as this internship."

There are many clubs on campus that will allow you to explore your interests, stretch your skills and make an impact in an area about which you're passionate. Contact the ASWC Club Director at aswc_clubdir@whitman.edu to learn more about current clubs or start your own.

ASWC Communications
The ASWC Communications Committee corresponds directly with the student body via email and blog, manages the ASWC website, and designs and distributes marketing materials to promote events, cover projects, and explain how the Associated Students of Whitman College advocates for students.

blue moon
blue moon is a student-staffed annual art and literary magazine funded by ASWC that features outstanding art, prose, poetry, and digital media from the Whitman community.

Freedom Songs
The Freedom Songs Project includes a concert and zine that expand the kinds of media and stories consumed on campus, educate outside of the classroom and symposiums, and empower minority voices. Students can submit to the publication, perform in the concert, or join the team that coordinates the project.

KWCW 90.5, a non-profit radio station funded by ASWC and run by students, broadcasts from Reid Campus Center. More than 100 student DJs contribute to KWCW's free-format programming each year.

Power & Privilege Symposium
A day of presentations, discussions, and workshops, this annual event provides a space to learn about the hierarchies of power and the intersections of identity. The P & P Marketing and Communications Sub-Committee consists of students who design and implement a year-long promotional campaign.

quarterlife is a student-run literary magazine funded by ASWC. Four times a year the staff solicits submissions based on a theme and then compiles and prints the issue.

Senior Fund Committee
Students in their final year at Whitman can join this committee to plan and promote various events, fundraise for scholarships, and cultivate a sense of community within their class.

Waiilatpu, a campus media organization funded by ASWC, chronicles each academic year on campus. The student staff photographs events and solicits submissions to compile a visually literate yearbook.

Whitman Events Board (WEB)
WEB is a volunteer-driven student committee funded by ASWC which plans and promotes a variety of campus-wide events including concerts, speakers, movie screenings, readings, craft programming, and more.

Whitman Wire
Founded before the turn of the twentieth century and funded by ASWC, the Whitman Wire is an entirely student-run, weekly publication with news, arts, and sports coverage, as well as editorials. The staff includes an advertising team that solicits and often designs ads for Walla Walla community members.

Community involvement helps students understand a broad range of issues and is becoming increasingly important in the eyes of many employers. For more ways to connect with local organizations, contact the Student Engagement Center in Reid Campus Center.

Downtown Walla Walla Foundation
This organization preserves the culture, history, and commerce of downtown Walla Walla. Volunteers help with various historical tasks throughout the year as well as general tasks like website management, newsletter articles, and poster distribution.

Fellowships and grants afford many students the opportunity to continue their learning beyond graduation in high-impact programs. For more information, please contact the Office of Fellowships and Grants in Reid Campus Center.

Beinecke Scholarship Program
The Beinecke Scholarship Program honors juniors that plan to enter a master's or doctoral program focusing on the arts, humanities, or social sciences. It strives to encourage motivated students to pursue a selection of the graduate course of study by awarding them $34,000 to supplement support from the graduate school. Schools that participate in the Beinecke Scholarship Program are allowed to make one nomination per year and applicants must have a documented history of need-based financial aid while they were in undergraduate school.

DAAD Study Scholarship in Visual and Performing Arts
The DAAD Study Scholarship in Visual and Performing Arts is awarded to students that are highly motivated and qualified in the fields of fine arts, design/visual communication, and film. The study scholarship will also receive an opportunity to complete additional studies, even if the student has not earned a formal degree at a German institute of higher education.

Luce Scholars Program 
The Luce Scholars Program offers students an intensive experience in Asia, to those who would not typically go to Asia in pursuit of their career. The program provides students with experience rather than academics. Some students have included Asian universities in either a teaching or research opportunity -- but no academic credit is granted.

To learn more about working on campus, visit the Student Employment page. We have general job search resources here. For employers committed to diversity and opportunities for minorities, visit workplacediversity.com, nemnet.com, and blackcollegian.com.

Industry Job Boards

Other Resources

Internships and on-campus employment are excellent for accumulating work experience, developing your narrative, and broadening your network. Note that the list below is not comprehensive. Check sites such as vault.com and internships.com for more opportunities.

To see what Advertising internships Whitman students have held in the past, check out the Whitman Internship Database and search "Advertising" or "Arts & Communication".

Studying away from campus is a fantastic way to learn more about the world, as well as an excellent experience upon which you'll draw throughout your academic and professional career. For more information, contact Off-Campus Studies in Memorial.

Studio Art Centers International (SACI)
The Studio Arts Centers International (SACI) program, in Florence, Italy, is designed primarily for studio art students who wish to study art in a city known for its world-class museums and Renaissance architecture. This program hosts approximately 180 US students each semester and offers courses in painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, drawing, and other disciplines.

The Philadelphia Center
Qualified Whitman students interested in a professional development experience in the historic city of Philadelphia may elect to participate in The Philadelphia Center program. Participants on this program will intern on a field of their choice for 32 hours a week. The Philadelphia Center offers more than 800 internship options to choose from with organizations such as the Environmental Protection Association, Philadelphia Zoo, Arden Theater Company, and the District Attorney's office. In addition to the internship, students will enroll in a weekly City Seminar and one elective course.

IFSA Butler: Glasgow School of Art
Through the Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University, Whitman students may enroll in the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow is a vibrant city with a population of 650,000. It is home to the national Scottish companies of ballet, opera, orchestra and chorus. It offers two repertory theaters, the Glasgow Film Theater, galleries, and museums. Serious studio art students who attend the Glasgow School of Art can expect to spend 30-35 hours a week in the studio working on independent projects under faculty supervision.

Here are some possible post-graduate degrees pursued by people in advertising, public relations, and marketing. Contact Gayle Townsend at townsegv@whitman.edu for additional information.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Master in Public Relations (MPR)

Alumni in the Field

Log in to LinkedIn or Whitman Connect to learn about Whitman alumni with jobs in advertising, marketing and public relations.