The SEC - and Whitman as a whole - provides a diverse set of experiences to help you discover and explore your interests. Your interests provide a starting point in your search for experiences and professional opportunities.

  • Majors = Careers (Sometimes). We have collected some of the more unexpected career choices from various alumni in each major. It goes to show that your major doesn't always dictate your career!
  • Explore by Career Field - Use this page to explore the many resources we have collected over the years in various career fields. From Architecture to Human Services, use these collections of resources to explore the tools that the web has to offer. 
  • Using the Whitman Network. Sometimes the best way to explore your options is talking to alumni in your field of interest! We have a number of different ways to find and talk with professionals in the Whitman network.


The best way to find out if you want to pursue an occupation is to go out and do it!

  • Internships are one of the most valuable opportunities to test-drive a career and determine if it's right for you. While you're at it - you can develop professional skills and network with professionals.
  • Community Service opportunities provide a fantastic hands-on experience that help to explore interests, develop skills, and cultivate leadership and citizenship. 
  • Study Abroad experiences can give insight into yourself and the larger world, along with building important soft skills that can help you thrive in a diverse set of occupations. 
  • Research experience can be a requisite for a major, a helpful insight into what a research career can look like, and an opportunity to meet other professors and peers that share a passion for your field of interest.

Take time to reflect about your experiences. Think about the skills and interests that you have developed, and how they might affect your choices about the future.


At all points in your exploration and experiences, you can develop excellence. The professional world is more dynamic than ever, and you might be surprised by which skills will be useful in future occupations. Once you have chosen a career field to pursue, we want to connect you with the tools that will help you excel.

  • Career Development tools like developing a resume or working on your interview can provide the foundation to developing a professional identity and landing the position you want. 
  • The Job Search can be difficult, but we're here to help. We provide online resources and counseling sessions in addition to our many workshops and events. Help us help you!
  • Networking is a powerful tool that can happen anywhere, or at one of our many events and networking receptions. Between LinkedIn, Whitman Online, and our numerous annual events and receptions, we want to connect you to the peers and mentors that can help you on your path to the professional world. 
  • Graduate & Professional School provides students with an environment to develop excellence in their academic and professional interests. The majority of Whitman students go to grad school at some point after graduation - it's worthwhile to give it some thought!