Whitman Internship Grants provide funding for students to participate in unpaid internship experiences at both for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Spring grant applications are due by noon on Sunday, December 10th. All applicants must complete paperwork for student employment at Whitman College.

First years, sophomores, and juniors (and seniors who will complete courses in December) can apply for the Summer Internship Grant, which provides funding for students to participate in unpaid summer internship experiences that last at least 10 weeks.  Students are expected to work 20 hours/week and must have secured the internship prior to applying for funding.

For domestic students, this grant has a dual deadline: before Spring Break and after Spring Break. Students who are not awarded funding after the first date can re-apply with an improved proposal to the second deadline. This is a competitive program; each application will be reviewed primarily on the merit of the internship and the value of the experience in the context of the student’s academic or career goals.

Applications for Summer 2017 International Internship Grant are closed. You can view the 2017 application here, but we are no longer accepting applications for this year. If you are an international student (re: not a domestic U.S. student), click here.

Through a competitive process, we can award stipends for internships outside of the US as well as additional funds to cover travel and accommodation for students who demonstrate a need and have explored other options to cover those costs.

This program targets older students with demonstrated experience or existing relationships with organizations or individuals outside of the United States.

Whitman students' safety and security are of foremost importance, and the application process is designed to minimize foreseeable risks associated with the internship.

In addition, consistent with this focus on students' safety and security, the internships will be more likely to be successful if the organizations, businesses or government agencies chosen:

  1. Are established and financially secure and have websites that instill confidence in the reader, AND
  2. Have a connection to Whitman (via a member of Governing Board, staff, or faculty, or alumni or parent)

Applicants must be in good academic and conduct standing before they can be approved. Please note that the timeline for international summer internships is different from that of domestic ones.

The Whitman Internship Grant can provide funding for students to participate in unpaid internship experiences at both for-profit and non-profit organizations in Walla Walla during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Here is the spring grant application, which is due on Sunday, December 10.

Possible examples of local organizations include: Blue Mountain Action Council, Friends of Children, Planned Parenthood, Red Cross, Trilogy, the YMCA, and the YWCA. To explore more possibilities, check out this guide, which has a list of local organizations by industry.

Please ensure that any unpaid opportunity passes the Fair Labor Standards Act test for an internship before proceeding.