Whether you're a local non-profit or an East Coast Fortune 500 company, there are many ways we can connect you to Whitman students. 

Posting an Opening
To post a job or internship opening in your organization where Whitties will see it, use iEngage, the Whitman student and alumni job board.

Hire a Work Study Student
Check out our Information for Off-Campus Employers to learn more.

Advertising Temporary Work
To promote a short-term opportunity (yard clean-up, moving furniture, pet care, etc.)  at your organization  or home, email sec_info@whitman.edu and we'll promote it on our temp_jobs list serv.

Whitman Internship Grant
Even if your organization lacks the resources to offer an intern a paid position, a student could potentially receive funding from Whitman to intern for you, provided the opportunity meets certain requirements and the student submits a strong application. Whitman Internship Grants are available during the fall and spring semesters and the summer. Learn more here.

Other Internship Opportunities
To learn more about Whitman interns, connect with specific students, or figure out how best to promote your internship program at Whitman, contact our Internship Coordinator, Victoria Wolff, at wolffv@whitman.edu.

Community Fellow Program
If you're a local non-profit with a substantive, months-long project that you'd like a student to undertake, consider our Community Fellow Program, where 8-12 Walla Walla Valley organizations host a Whitman junior or senior for an academic year.

Whether you're nearby or across the country, Whitman students are likely interested in learning more about your organization. We have several methods to host your organization in-person or virtually for recruiting sessions or interviews with students. Contact our Director for Business Engagement, Kimberly Rolfe, at rolfekb@whitman.edu to learn more.