Whitman College prepares students for medical schools by giving them the ability to analyze and evaluate new medical research. Students at Whitman also develop effective communication skills and an ability to adapt their knowledge to new scenarios. If you are interested in showing medical schools that you have these abilities along with a strong education in the sciences, then Whitman College is the right place for you!

The Health Professions Advisory Committee can provide assistance to students who are planning to attend medical school. These students are encouraged to maintain contact with the chair of this committee throughout their time at Whitman. Students are also encouraged to keep in mind the admission requirements of the medical schools to which they plan to apply when deciding their schedules at Whitman.

Additional information can be found in the online version of the Whitman College Course Catalog.

The Student Engagement Center has a number of books available in its library that provide information about medical schools and careers in medicine. Also, students can contact alumni, parents of Whitman students, and friends of the college who can offer information regarding the practice of medicine through the Career Consultant Network at the Student Engagement Center. Application materials for the MCAT and the AMCAS are available in our Center or from Professor Jim Russo (russo@whitman.edu).

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