Whitman has no separate pre-law major. However, lawyers need many of the skills that a liberal arts education can cultivate: excellent writing, reading, critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as a basic understanding of the human experience. Common undergraduate majors for future Whitman lawyers include economics, English, history, philosophy, and sociology, but law schools look with equal favor on students who have excelled in other rigorous fields of study.

The Pre-Law Advisors at Whitman--Professor Patrick Frierson (frierspr@whitman.edu) and Associate Dean Noah Leavitt (leavitns@whitman.edu) --can offer direction and advice to students about their plans for law school. 

Whitman offers a combined law program with Columbia University that allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree and law degree after six years instead of the usual seven. Look for additional information in the Whitman College Course Catalog.

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