Give 20 Challenge

Give 20 volunteersThe Community Service office and Community Service House are challenging Whitman students, faculty, and staff to volunteer 20 hours this semester.

By signing up for the Give 20 Challenge you agree to devote 20 hours to serve the community. There is no penalty if you do not complete the 20 hours, but we will encourage you with reminders to keep you on track and celebrate your accomplishment if you meet your goal. You might volunteer weekly at one organization, participate in the multitude of volunteer opportunities available through the Student Engagement Center and the Community Service House, or complete one or two full day shifts of volunteer work. If you already participate in one or more of the community service programs offered at Whitman, the Give 20 Challenge is easy!

If you are interested in taking on the Give 20 Challenge please email or sign up at the Student Activities Fair on Monday, September 2nd.

In order to keep track of volunteer hours, please fill out our Volunteer Hour Tracker and send it at the end of the semester.