Contact: Brenda Bamford, Programs Director, 2616 E. Isaacs  Walla Walla, (509) 525-5433,

Mission: Blue Mountain Industries offers five different types of work experiences (Manufacturing Assembly, Grounds Maintenance, Janitorial, Individual Supported Employment, and Volunteer Employment Experiences), each which provide a stepping stone for vocational skill development, enrichment, and training, with emphasis on employment for adults with developmental disabilities.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Required Skills:

Skills Learned:


Volunteer Types: 

  • Individuals who can come on a regular basis
  • Individuals who can help out with a project occasionally when it fits his/her schedule
  • Individuals who can come help out once with a big project
  • Groups of volunteers who can come on a regular basis
  • Groups of volunteers who can help out once with a big project

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Contact: Cyndy Knight; PO Box 1595, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-524-2940;

Mission: Parent to Parent offers support, information, and recreation opportunities to families who are raising children with disabilities.

Volunteer Opportunities: Recreational programs, which include basketball, baseball, yoga, Christmas open house, parent night out, Easter egg hunt, support groups, and summer day camp.

Required Skills: Punctuality, willingness to learn, respect, positive attitude, and general acceptance of children with disabilities.  Volunteers must complete a Peer Mentor Application that requires references and a background check.

Skills Learned: Volunteers learn about sensitivity, confidentiality, problem solving, the myths and truths about persons with disabilities, and person-first language.

Training: Our 6-hour training "With a Little Help From My Friends" is conducted typically on a Saturday in January (lunch included).

Volunteer Types: Individuals and groups who can come on a regular basis, help out on occasion, or contribute once to a big project. Volunteers who can earn credit (service learning) are welcome.

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Contact: Shelby Paulsen, Director; 1520 Kelly Place Suite 130 (on the backside of the building), Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-529-0120;

Mission: To empower members with mental illness to reach their full and considerable potential while rediscovering their self-respect, dignity, and abilities through opportunities to perform productive work, create meaningful relationships, and belong to a community.

Volunteer Opportunities: Work side-by-side with members doing a variety of activities. Most urgently, we need volunteers for our coffee cart, the Rising Sun Express, which is open from 8:00 am until 12:30 pm on weekdays. Other tasks include organizing pantry shelves, window washing, helping members with their growth plans, writing their autobiographies, and tutoring in computer skills. We also enjoy student presentations about mental or physical health and wellness.

Required Skills: Flexibility, good listening skills, positive attitude, independence, and confidentiality.

Skills Learned: Volunteers learn how mentally ill people are just like everybody else and lose their uneasiness around persons with psychiatric disabilities. They will also learn about mental illnesses and how empathy can help people overcome some of their symptoms.

Training: Training happens at the start of a volunteer experience and then on-the-job through supervision.

Volunteer Types: Individuals and groups who can come on a regular basis, on occasion when convenient, or to help out once with a big project.

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Contact: Vivian Conger, Washington Council of the Blind Board Member; 1519 Whitman Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509.526.4967;

Mission: To promote the interests of the legally blind and expand equality, independence, and opportunity for the legally blind citizens of the Walla Walla Valley.

Volunteer Opportunities: Assisting folks with shopping, yard work, reading, cleaning

Required Skills: Caring, willingness to learn, and good people skills.

Skills Learned: How to work with individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Training: Brief instruction before or at event.

Volunteer Types: Individuals or groups who can come on a regular basis, help with a project on occasion, or contribute once to a big project.

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Contact: Nancy Riggle, Executive Director; 240 Bush Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-522-0400,

Mission: To provide personalized support in safe, comfortable home environments for developmentally disabled individuals, residencies for veterans with rehabilitation opportunities, and family assistance services.

Volunteer Opportunities: Client care.

Required Skills: Respect; willingness to help; reliability.

Training: Volunteer orientation.

Volunteer Types: Individuals or groups who can help on a regular basis or contribute once to a big project.  Volunteers who can earn credit (service-learning) are welcome.

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Contact: Mara Palumbo, Program Manager; 420 W. Alder St. #13, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-529-9062;

Mission: To enable residents to remain in their homes with dignity and connection to their community.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

  • Independent living requests: Housework, laundry, transportation, shopping, etc.
  • One-time projects: Moves and yard clean-ups.
  • Administrative tasks: Data entry, filing, designing and distributing promotional materials, mailing surveys to clients, taking pictures, making thank-you cards, and cooking, setting up, serving or entertaining for volunteer recognition events.

Required Skills: Desire to help low-income elders and/or disabled adults in the community.

Skills Learned: Enhanced interpersonal skills.

Training: Initial orientation is in the Catholic Charities office during a one-on-one meeting with the Program Manager. Additional training opportunities are available.

Volunteer Types: Groups or individuals who can come on a regular basis, help with a project occasionally, or contribute once to a big project.

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