Contact: Emily James, Public Outreach Specialist, 1520 Kelly Place Suite 140, Walla Walla WA 99362, 509-529-4980,

Mission: To cultivate innovative services, in partnership with our community, to empower low-income people to meet their vital needs and achieve self-sufficiency.

Volunteer Opportunities: Coordinating ongoing afterschool programs such as homework clubs, music, arts and crafts, and physical activities for children in targeted neighborhoods; coordinating activities during spring break and summer break for kids in our housing for homeless families; hosting a kids’ activity at Día de los niños, an annual event held in Washington Park.

Required Skills: Interest in special topic, patience, ability to balance discipline with inclusion and to work with children of all ages and primarily low-income backgrounds.

Skills Learned: Teaching, compassion, lesson planning, discipline, and understanding of various cultures and backgrounds.

Training: Volunteers will only receive an orientation about the goals of the programs and children.

Volunteer Types: Individuals who can come on a regular basis or groups or individuals who can come help out once with a big project.

Contact: David S. Rudie; 19 E. Poplar, PO Box 2608, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509.525.7578;

Mission: To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Volunteer Opportunities: Work with youth and adults; plan and run district program events.

Required Skills: Willingness to work with people of many backgrounds.

Skills Learned: leadership, responsibility, and the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Training: Training depends on the position and can include on-line courses, class, and individual tutorials.

Volunteer Types: Individuals or groups who can come on a regular basis, occasionally when convenient, or once to help with a big project. Volunteers who can earn credit (service-learning) are welcome.

Contact: Ingrid Olsen-Young; 414 S. Park St., Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-525-3180;

Mission: A century of kids, a future of leaders. Camp Fire USA builds caring, confident youth and future leaders through our after-school and summer day camp programs.

Volunteer Opportunities: Open to having volunteers come to share their talents and knowledge (music, culture, dance, theater) with the kids.

Required Skills: Responsibility, enthusiasm, passion for area of interest, reliability, ability to engage children, and mindfulness about safety. 

Skills Learned: Leadership organization and presentation skills.  The joy of working with young children.

Training: Volunteers would be interviewed by the associate director.

Volunteer Types: Individuals or groups who can come on a regular basis, occasionally when convenient, or once to help with a big project.

Contact: Jenn Bishop; 77 Wainwright Drive, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-526-7529;

Mission: To provide a safe place where children and their families learn through interactive play.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Museum assistance, workshop leadership, special project assistance, landscaping, gardening, activities at local fair events, and bilingual early learning.

Required Skills: Enthusiasm, love for children, desire to provide educational opportunities, and friendly demeanor. 

Skills Learned: Interacting with children in a hands-on educational setting.

Training: Volunteers are oriented and trained on a case-by-case basis.

Volunteer Types: Individuals or groups who can come on a regular basis, occasionally when convenient, or once to help with a big project. Volunteers who can earn credit (service-learning) are welcome.

Contact: Eleanor,

Mission: We are looking for volunteers to help with garden club at four local elementary schools.

Volunteer Opportunities: Activities such as germinating seeds, cooking demonstrations, learning about compost, and planning for the spring garden. 

Required Skills: Dependability, transportation.

Skills Learned: Working with youth in the community, reliability, independence, and collaboration.

Training: Background checks and forms required.

Volunteer Types: Individuals who can come on a regular basis (who can commit to volunteering at least an hour a week)

Contact: Mark Brown, Executive Director; 120 E. Birch, Suite #10, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-527-4745;

Mission: To improve lives and communities one child at a time by providing a safe, consistent adult presence outside the home to children who need it.

Volunteer Opportunities: We recruit adult friends (mentors) to spend at least one hour a week with a child (6-18 years old). Service organizations and clubs can volunteer to host a special event for our adult friends and youth to enjoy together. Volunteers can also help out with office work, such as making phone calls and performing data entry.

Required Skills: Volunteer mentors must be at least 18 years old, able to pass a background check and to maintain clear boundaries and expectations, relate well with others, and spend focused time with a child. Friends pairs volunteers with children based on similar interests, preferences, and expectations. Reliable and consistent adults commit to mentor one same-gendered child for at least one year.

Skills Learned: Volunteer mentors can strengthen their communication skills (including cross-cultural skills if matched with a child from a difference cultural background) and develop their experience working with a child one-on-one (including special areas of request, such as children with disabilities). Office volunteers strengthen their clerical, communication, and organizational skills.

Training: All adult volunteer mentors are screened and then trained in a 2.5 hour session about policies, procedures, safety, boundaries, and communication skills. We also offer ongoing special-topic trainings periodically.

Volunteer Types: Individuals who can meet with a child on a weekly basis, come into the office on a regular basis, help with a project occasionally, or contribute once to a big project.

Contact: Program & Membership Development Coordinator; 509-747-8091, ext. 406;

Mission: To help girls become strong leaders for the future.

Volunteer Opportunities: We can use young ladies to lead troops or to help with events/camps.

Required Skills: Positive attitude, communication, skills with children, and reliability.

Training: On a case-by-case basis as it fits in with the volunteer's schedule.

Volunteer Types: Individuals who can come regularly or help with a project on occasion. Volunteers who can earn credit (service-learning) are welcome.

Contact: Susan Anfinson, Membership Accounts Manager; 340 S Park St, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509 525-8863;

Mission: The Walla Walla YMCA is dedicated to the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility and committed to building a community where all people, especially the young, are encouraged to develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind, and body.

Volunteer Opportunities: Joining our board, coaching youth sports, babysitting, helping with the Peach Basket Classic tournament, community Halloween party, Healthy Kids Day, fun runs, and other family events.

Required Skills: Must value and display caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Skills Learned: Teamwork, a sense of community, organizational skills, how to relate to all ages of people, and the fulfillment derived from giving to others.

Training: The director in charge of an event or program trains volunteers.

Volunteer Types: Individuals who can come on a regular basis or on occasion; groups or individuals who can help out once with a big project. Volunteers who can earn credit (service learning) are welcome.

Contact: Anne-Marie Zell Schwerin, Executive Director; 213 S. First, Walla Walla, WA 99362; 509-525-2570;

Mission: To eliminate racism and empower women.

Volunteer Opportunities: Reading to children; helping with kids' activities while moms are in support group meetings; sorting donations; cleaning toys; misc. maintenance projects; weekly grocery shopping for childcare programs; office work; helping on childcare fieldtrips; making presentations to girls in Mariposa program.

Required Skills: Positive attitude; flexibility; Spanish language skills are a plus; confidentiality; ability to pass background check; must enjoy working with children.

Skills Learned: Organization; problem solving; working with groups; learning about community organizations and the culture of a nonprofit organization.

Training: There is no regular schedule at this point. Orientation and training will occur prior to volunteering starts.

Volunteer Types: Individuals or groups who can come on a regular basis, occasionally when convenient, or once to help with a big project.