Whitman Professional Hub Program

Summer 2014

The Whitman Professional Hub program is aimed at connecting Whitman students and alumni with internships, employers, and networking events. There are currently six established Whitman Hubs across the country.

Seattle  |  Portland  |  Bay Area  |  Washington D.C.  |  Denver  |  Walla Walla

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Note: Information for internships and jobs was collected via student survey

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Map Key

white icon Hub location

yellow icon  One of 98 Independent Internships and Jobs

blue icon  One of 117 Whitman Internship Grant Winners

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Below are some resources that are helpful no matter where you are. This is just a start - getting information and resources in your destination city takes time. Put in the effort to explore online resources and talk to people who live there so that you can make the most of your stay! 

General Housing Links

Questions and comments related to the Professional Hubs can be directed towards Director for Business Engagement Kim Rolfe, at rolfekb@whitman.edu.