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Professional Staff
Abby Juhasz - Community Service Coordinator | Justin Rose - Technology & Marketing Fellow
Gayle Townsend - Assistant Director of Career Development | Kim Rolfe - Director of Business Engagement
Marisol Becerra - Administrative Assistant | Noah Leavitt - Associate Dean for Student Engagement
Susan Prudente - Outreach Coordinator | Victoria Wolff - Internship Coordinator

Student Office Assistants
Annie Boyenneh | Jackie Bonilla | Marta Picoto | Abby Molloy | Faith Nyakundi | Grant Traynor

 Community Service Interns
Elissa Picozzi - Green Park Bilingual | Forrest Arnold - Events and Reflection | Cherokee Washington - WTTM 
Nikki Antenucci - WTTM | Katie Steen - Spring Break Service Trips | Kate Whittingham - Spring Break Service Trips
Katy Woodall - Mentor Program | Zach Calo - Adopt-A-Grandparent | Tim Morris - Classroom Connections 
Megan Rocha - Buddy Program | Ye He - Storytime Project | Leda Zakarison - Mentor Program

Abby Juhasz*

Community Service Coordinator
Abby joined the Student Engagement Center as the Community Service Coordinator in 2012. She is passionate about service, education, and student life. Abby earned a B.A. in Education from Wittenberg University, and an M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of California Riverside. Abby is excited to work with students to connect them with meaningful service experiences that give them opportunities to address community needs, explore interests, learn through experiences outside of the classroom, and serve as active citizens.

*Abby is on leave for the 2016-2017 academic year.


Annie Boyenneh

Executive Office AssistantAnnie_Boyenneh
Annie is a junior, majoring in Politics and Gender Studies at Whitman. Her interests and experience in technology, web development, leadership training, event planning and organization drove her to work in the Student Engagement Center. She hopes to utilize her experience and skills to support the student body at Whitman by listing open internships, job opportunities, and other resources to further strengthen their career goals. Annie is excited to work with student in supporting, building, and fostering their personal and professional growth.


Elissa PicozziElissa

Green Park Bilingual Program Community Service Intern
Elissa Picozzi is a junior physics-mathematics major from Mercer Island, WA. This year she is the intern for the Green Park Bilingual Program. She has been with the program since freshman year and is excited to have this opportunity. Volunteering with the bilingual program has been one of the most rewarding experiences in her time at Whitman and she has enjoyed seeing how her fellow volunteers and she have used the language skills they’ve acquired in classes to impacts the lives of others. When she isn’t working with the program, she is playing ultimate, curled up with a fantasy book, or baking cookies.


 Justin Rose '15

Technology & Marketing Fellow
Justin graduated Whitman in 2015 with a degree in Rhetoric Studies. His interests in the fields of technology and communications led him to pursue this position working in the Student Engagement Center. Justin aims to help the office with focused website support and other technology needs while also expanding existing marketing efforts. Come say hello!


Forrest ArnoldForrest

Events & Reflection Community Service Intern
Forrest Arnold is a junior at Whitman, majoring in Rhetoric Studies. As the Events and Reflections intern, it's his job to help organize the campus wide service events such as Make a Difference Day, Spring Service Day, and the Service Saturdays in between. He also works with my fellow interns to develop reflection events for each of the weekly service programs, which provide volunteers an opportunity to reflect on the impact they have made in the community and what they have learned from their service. He strives to foster the spirit of service on campus and create a more cohesive community of volunteers at Whitman. Outside of his internship he is the Resident Advisor of the Community Service House and hopes to compete on the climbing team.

Gayle Townsend '80 (Parent '14)Gayle Townsend

Assistant Director of Career Development
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Gayle brings to the SEC 25 years of experience in Career Counseling, Advising, Personal Counseling, and Teaching. She enjoys helping students find out how to combine the activities that they find exciting with their career interests. She focuses on helping individuals explore their strengths, skills, values, and life experiences toward developing a path toward a career but also a path to life long learning. She received her Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Oregon and has worked at Lane Community College in Eugene,OR as a counselor and instructor for the last 14 years. She is looking forward to meeting you and is excited to be here.


Jackie BonillaJackie_Bonilla

Executive Office Assistant
Jackie will be joining the Student Engagement Center this Fall 2014. She is a junior Sociology major from Los Angeles, CA. Jackie has a background in community organizing, Whitman Institute for Summer Enrichment Program (WISE), Power & Privilege Symposium, State of the State research, club presidency, and the Humanity in Action Fellowship. She would be more than happy to be a resource for students interested in any of these things or whatever else you may need help with.


Katie SteenKatie_Steen

Spring Break Service Trips Community Service Intern
Katie Steen worked in the Student Engagement Center as the Events & Reflection intern for the 2013-2014 academic year, as the Summer Community Service intern in Summer 2014, and now works as a co-intern for the Spring Break Service Trips program. She is a Gender Studies major and brings a passion for service, active citizenship and social justice into everything she does. Katie is committed to another year of being an enthusiastic and compassionate member of the amazing Student Engagement Center staff!


Kim Rolfe

Director of Business Engagement
Kim brings to the SEC 20 years of work in corporate America working in a diverse range of environments in the for-profit sector. Her goal is to build partnerships with the business community and connect Whitman students to career opportunities through those partnerships. She is excited by the occasion to combine her practical experience in business and a passion for assisting future generations with entry into that world.

Marisol BecerraMarisol

Administrative Assistant
Marisol started working at Whitman in February 2012. She also owns a fruit stand business in Milton Freewater, OR. She loves working in the Student Engagement Center, and helping connect students with the resources they need.

Noah LeavittNoah Leavitt

Associate Dean for Student Engagement
Noah brings a background in law, education, public policy, community organizing, and research to his role at Whitman. He loves helping students find ways to solve problems and tackle challenges they see in the world around them. In addition to his role in the SEC he also serves as Whitman's pre-law advisor and is a Research Associate in the Sociology Department. Noah and his wife, Dr. Helen Kim, have a son, Ari, and a daughter, Talia. His forthcoming book, JewAsian: Race, Religion and Identity for America's Newest Jews, which he co-authored with Dr. Kim, will be published this July by the University of Nebraska Press.

Susan Prudente

Outreach Coordinator
Susan is a Walla Walla native who is dedicated to the quality of education for all children in our community. Her BA in Speech Communication from the University of Washington afforded her a Public Relations internship at Children's Hospital which raised funds for the Uncompensated Patient Care Fund and confirmed her desire to be present where her passion and the community's needs intersect. Currently, as Outreach Coordinator, Susan is engaged with the oversight of school-based initiatives offering Whitman students practical, valuable experience working with students in our local schools.


Victoria Wolff

Internship Coordinator
A native of Berlin, Germany, Victoria joined the Student Engagement Center in July 2014. She brings a background in literature, history, education and teaching to her role as the SEC’s new Internship Coordinator. After receiving her B.A. of Arts in English and history from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Victoria worked at Whitman as the German Language Assistant (2010-11). She then returned to Berlin to complete her M.Ed. also in English and history. She is passionate about teaching, learning, and advising students on their academic and professional paths and is glad to be part of the SEC team. 


Cherokee Washington

Whitman Teaches The Movement Community Service Intern
Cherokee Washington is currently a junior Jan Term transfer student from Los Angeles, CA. As a sophomore, she recently transferred from Wingate University in North Carolina. Here at Whitman, she is a member of the varsity volleyball team and plans to double major in Psychology, Race & Ethnic Studies, with a minor in Rhetoric Studies. Along with Nikki Antenucci, Cherokee is a co-student intern for the Whitman Teaches the Movement Program, as well as the Black Student Union President. Because of her involvement in and passion for social justice awareness, Cherokee is thrilled to be part of the SEC family through Whitman Teaches the Movement and make a difference in the Whitman community. In the future, Cherokee hopes to pursue a career in Sports Psychology. Her interests include beach volleyball, photography, and hiking.

Zach Calo

Adopt-A-Grandparent Community Service Intern
Zach Calo is a senior psychology major and astronomy minor. His involvement in community service at Whitman began when he went on a SCORE as an incoming first-year, and since then he has continued to be involved in service around Walla Walla. He looks forward to being the intern of the Adopt a Grandparent program this year, having had a great experience with it throughout his time at Whitman. He thinks the opportunity AAG provides to form close relationships with members of the community is really special, and he is excited for another great upcoming year!

Katy Woodall

Mentor Program Community Service Intern
Katy is a sophomore from a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.  She participated as a volunteer in the Mentor Program last year and had a strong and fulfilling relationship with her mentee.  She is excited to have the opportunity to facilitate these types of bonds between Whitman students and elementary school kids this year.  Outside of community service projects, Katy enjoys hiking, cooking, and watercoloring. 

Nikki Antenucci

Whitman Teaches The Movement Community Service Intern
Nikki Antenucci is a sophomore intending to major in psychology and minor in art and sociology. Nikki loves working with children, practicing yoga, rock climbing, hiking, spending time with friends and family, and engaging in community service. Her love for teaching and community service got her interested in Whitman Teaches the Movement, which she volunteered for her freshman year. Nikki looks forward to this school year as she works with Cherokee Washington as the Community Service Interns for Whitman Teaches the Movement. Nikki and Cherokee hope to make a few changes this year, such as spread the word about WTTM on social media, bring more speakers and events to campus, and create a reflection event that will be put on after the teaching sessions occur.

Tim Morris

Classroom Connections Community Service Intern
Tim Morris is a Junior Environmental Studies and Economics combined major from Marin County California. In addition to his work as the service intern for Classroom Connections, Tim works in the Whitman Outdoor Program bike shop and is an avid cyclist. Tim is very interested in education reform and loves working in the classroom.

Kate Whittingham

Spring Break Service Trips Community Service Intern
Kate Whittingham joins the SEC staff for the first time this year as one of the Spring Break Service Trips interns. Kate is currently a sophomore from Tiburon, CA (right outside of San Francisco) and is an Environmental Studies-Biology major. Kate has experience with service trips having participated in a SCORE her first year and  having led a SCORE her sophomore year. Kate is very excited to plan the service trips this year and is active in the service community here at Whitman. Kate is also a member of the varsity women's lacrosse team and is active in campus  environmental groups. She looks forward to an exciting year working with the SEC community!

Megan Rocha

Buddy Program Community Service Intern
Megan Rocha is a junior chemistry major with a biology minor from Kennewick, Washington. In addition to her work in the Student Engagement Center, she also works in an organic chemistry lab on campus. Megan is excited to become an active member of the Student Engagement Center and hopes to share her passion for community service with everyone she works with.

Ye He

Storytime Project Community Service Intern
Ye is a Junior who is majoring in Economics. She really wants to go to a business school to study more about financial markets in the future. Ye has volunteered in both preschools and Old Fellows Home since high school. She also wants to take some classes about children's early development or the care policy for old fellows. She hopes she can apply what she's learned to my community's preschools or an Old Fellows Home.

Leda Zakarison

Mentor Program Community Service Intern
Leda Zakarison is a senior religion major hailing from Pullman, WA. This year she is one of two interns for the Mentor Program, where she hopes to be able to foster meaningful relationships between Whitman students and elementary students from the Walla Walla community. Outside of the Community Service Office, Leda has worked as an intern in Whitman's Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (now part of the Intercultural Center) since 2013, helping to facilitate interfaith cooperation and support people of faith on campus. This summer, she received a Perry Grant to assist Professor of French Sarah Hulburt in curating part of "Seeing Stories," the exhibit currently on display in the Sheehan Gallery. When she's not on campus, Leda enjoys knitting and working in Whitman's organic garden.

Marta Picoto

Executive Office Assistant
Marta Picoto is a sophomore on the Pre-med track intending to major in psychology with a possible theatre minor. Marta loves to play ultimate Frisbee, spending time with friends and family, and watching her favorite TV shows. At Whitman, Marta is involved in stART, Pre-health society, and the ladies Sweets team. She's excited to be working in the Student Engagement Center to not only be a helpful resource to students about resumes and cover letters, but to also acquire knowledge about job applications and internships for the future. 

Abby Molloy

Executive Office Assistant
Abby Molloy joined the SEC staff this year as an Executive Office Assistant.  She is from Portland, OR and is an intended Biology major on the pre-med track.  Abby is looking forward to becoming an active and diligent member of the Student Engagement Center.  She is excited about the opportunity to be a helpful resource for students as well as the chance to learn more about career and professional development.

Faith Nyakundi

Student Employment Intern
Faith is a junior Politics Major and Music Minor with the plan to go into foreign policy, and international relations. Faith is working on streamlining and centralizing student employment on campus since the summer. On campus she is secretary of the Beyond Borders Club, a student representative to the Student Life Committee of the Governing Board, a writing tutor with COWS, and an employee at the gym. In the past she has been a part of the student government as a member on the Nominations Committee, co-president in the Whitman African Students Association, and a Student Academic Advisor Fall 2014 in Prentiss. She was also a recipient of the summer internship grant from the SEC. She enjoys music (I sing in chamber and chorale), and sports (currently tennis and volleyball).

Grant Traynor

Executive Office Assistant
Grant is a First Year student from Hermiston, Oregon. Typical of many First Year students and college students in general, he has absolutely no idea what he wants to major in or do after college. Grant is a soul with simple needs. He loves pets, food, spending time with friends and family, and relaxing on the weekends. Grant is excited to be a part of the Student Engagement Center because he feels that he gets to help students in the way that many have helped him. He is very excited to become a key part of the SEC and help other students while learning himself.