Professional Staff

  • Abby Juhasz

    Abby Juhasz

    Community Service Coordinator

    Abby enjoys helping students create meaningful connections through community engagement experiences that provide students opportunities to address community needs, explore interests, learn outside of the classroom, and serve as active citizens.  Abby oversees the service trips program and the service initiatives that partner with our local non-profits. In addition to her work in the SEC, Abby serves as the adviser to the Community Service House on campus, volunteers with several non-profit organizations, and serves as the Co-Vice President of the Sharptstein Elementary School PTA.  Abby enjoys spending time with her family (Mark, Lexa, and Samuel), hiking, camping, traveling, and reading.  Abby earned a BA in Education and an MA in Educational Psychology.

    • Helping students make community connections through service
    • Mentoring students and helping them develop leadership and professional skills
    • Fostering and supporting relationships with our local community partners
  • Abby Seethoff '16

    Abby Seethoff '16

    Technology & Marketing Fellow

    Abby enjoys how communications operates at the nexus between precision of language and visual acuity. When she's not working, Abby writes letters, reads literature, plays badminton, and coaches volleyball. She graduated from Whitman in 2016 with a degree in English and Spanish.

    • SEC website mastery
    • Social media vision and experimentation
    • Poster design and feedback
    • Tech trouble shooting
    • LinkedIn lingo and advice
    • Online job board questions
  • Gayle Townsend '80 (Parent '14)

    Gayle Townsend '80 (Parent '14)

    Assistant Director of Career Development

    Gayle brings over 25 years of career counseling experience to the students of Whitman College. She received her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon. Since joining the Student Engagement Center in the fall of 2014, Gayle has been committed to and passionate about helping students explore their strengths, values, skills, and experiences to develop a plan for their life after Whitman. She enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and experiencing new adventures.

    • Alumni and student career counseling
    • Facilitating career-focused workshops
    • Resume and cover letter revision
    • Career assessments
    • Graduate school information
    • Developing mentoring opportunities between students and alumni
  • Kimberly Rolfe

    Kimberly Rolfe

    Director of Business Engagement

    Kimberly has 20 years of experience working in a diverse range of environments in the for-profit sector. Her goal is to build partnerships with the business community that ultimately connect Whitman students to career opportunities. She is excited by the occasion to combine her practical experience in business and her passion for assisting future generations with entry into that world.

    • Coaching students and young alumni in their first professional steps
    • Developing collaborative relationships with internal and external partners to drive student learning
    • Creating new ways to help students understand and access professional experiences
    • Building programs to connect students, alumni and parents in networking and mentoring relationships
    • Career advising in consulting, finance, marketing & business operations
  • Marisol Becerra

    Marisol Becerra

    Administrative Assistant

    Marisol grew up in the Walla Walla Valley as a migrant worker, later moving to Portland, Or. to pursue a career. She has a degree in Apparel Design and Business. Currently she owns a business called Memories @ Martinez Farm. Since joining the office in February of 2012, she has found she especially enjoys being the first point of contact for students and connecting them to the right SEC staff person. Marisol also oversees efforts to centralize on-campus employment for work-study students.  

    • Provides administrative and clerical support to the center
    • Oversees the JPMC documentation
    • Assists with implementation of all programs and maintains program records
    • Oversees student employees and time sheets
    • Supervises the SEC office assistants
    • Coordinates all travel for staff, students and alumni who are connected to SEC programs and initiatives

  • Noah Leavitt

    Noah Leavitt

    Director of the Student Engagement Center and Sociology Department Research Associate

    Noah loves helping students move in directions that are meaningful and energizing to them. In addition to his work leading the SEC, he also serves as one of Whitman's pre-law advisors, participates on the College's Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Council, and is a Research Associate in the Sociology Department. Noah and his wife, Dr. Helen Kim, have a son, Ari, and a daughter, Talia. Their book, JewAsian: Race, Religion and Identity for America's Newest Jews, was published in July 2016 by the University of Nebraska Press.

    • Asking open-ended questions
    • Being curious about how people are the same and how they are different
    • Helping students figure out ways to bring their ideas for a more just and sustainable world to fruition
    • Creating and nurturing relationships with our amazing community partners
    • Finding common ground
    • Volunteering on several local non-profit boards and task forces

  • Susan Prudente

    Susan Prudente

    School Programs Coordinator

    Susan, a Walla Walla native, finds her greatest purpose in her role as mom to three children. Her BA in Speech Communication from the University of Washington confirmed her desire to dedicate her life's work to holistically supporting children as well as access and equity in public education. Susan oversees school-based initiatives that offer Whitman students practical, valuable experience working with students in our local schools ranging from serving as weekly mentors to bilingual tutors. Working as an emergency substitute teacher for Walla Walla Public Schools has informed her work at the College, where she also serves as the Program Manager for America Reads/America Counts.

    • Encourages both personal and professional development in student life
    • Believes learning happens in formative ways outside the classroom
    • Challenges students to get off campus to meet people very different from themselves
    • Celebrates the best each one of us can bring to each day

  • Victoria Wolff

    Victoria Wolff

    Assistant Director for Internship Programs

    Victoria, a native of Berlin, Germany, is passionate about teaching, learning, and advising students on their academic and professional paths. She enjoys creating meaningful, educational internship and fellowship opportunities and connecting students to local community partners. Victoria joined the Student Engagement Center in July 2014 with a background in education, teaching, literature, and history. After receiving her B.A. in English and history from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, she worked at Whitman as the German Language Assistant (2010-11). She then returned to Berlin to complete her M.Ed. also in English and history. Victoria oversees the Whitman Internship Grant program as well as the Community Fellow Program, an initiative that connects community partners from local non-profits and Whitman students to address some of the area's social, economic, and cultural challenges.

    • Providing career and internship advising for students covering the non-profit, for-profit, and government sectors
    • Helping students reflect on their co-curricular experiences (internships, research opportunities, fellowships) and build a cohesive narrative
    • Fostering collaborative relationships with community partners, faculty, staff, and alumni to support student learning and open up internship opportunities
    • Developing programs that provide professional, personal, and leadership opportunities for students
    • Collaborating with student groups, departments, and faculty to provide pre- and post-internship workshops

Student Office Assistants

  • Abby Molloy

    Abby Molloy

    Executive Office Assistant

    This is Abby's third year working in the SEC.  She is a senior biology major from Lake Oswego, OR. 

  • Amanda Li

    Student Employment Intern

  • Grant Traynor

    Executive Office Assistant

    Grant, a junior from Hermiston, WA, is an enthusiastic learner and a quiet comic. He enjoys connecting people and ideas. 

  • Henry Adams

    Special Project Intern

    Reid 219

    Henry, a sophomore from Lake Oswego, OR, helps the SEC with data projects such as the Whitman Internship Database.

  • Katy Laliotis

    Katy Laliotis

    Head Photographer

    Katy, a first year from San Diego, CA, captures the people and programs of the SEC. 

  • Marta Picoto

    Marta Picoto

    Executive Office Assistant

    Marta, a senior psychology major, is from Bellevue, WA. This is her third year working in the SEC. 

Community Service Leadership

These students coordinate service programs on campus.

  • Alicia Yan

    Alicia Yan

    Spring Break Service Trips, 2017-2018 Newman Civic Fellow

    Alicia, a senior psychology major from Seattle, WA, has been committed to making a positive impact in the world since the moment she arrived on campus: she's organized spring break service trips, led SCOREs, been the RA of the Co-Op, and served as co-president of Challah for Hunger. Classes in clinical psychology and her internship working with kids from poor and marginalized families in South Africa have fueled her desire to pursue a career in mental health work and be able to provide therapy for those who typically cannot access it. In her free time she consumes as many avocados as possible.

  • Claire Pepple

    Claire Pepple

    Story Time Program Leader

    Claire is an English major from Woodinville, WA. 

  • Grace Dunbar

    Grace Dunbar

    Whitman Teaches the Movement

    Reid 219

    A sociology major and art minor from Portland, OR, Grace brings experience from a summer internship at the Seattle Office for Civil Rights to her leadership of Whitman Teaches the Movement

  • Jamie Willard

    Jamie Willard

    Mentor Program

    Jamie is a senior economics-environmental studies major from Corvallis, OR. 

  • Jeffrey Gustaveson

    Jeffrey Gustaveson

    Events & Reflection

    Jeffrey, a politics and music (jazz) double major, hails from Seattle, WA. 

  • Kate Whittingham

    Kate Whittingham

    Spring Break Service Trips

    In addition to her involvement with spring break service trips, Kate, a biology-environmental studies major, is a captain of the varsity lacrosse team at Whitman. She is from Belvedere Tiburon, CA. 

  • Katy Woodall

    Katy Woodall

    Men Making Meals Program Leader

    Katy, a former Newman Civic Engagement Fellow, is a sociology major from Auburn, CA. 

  • Kimberly Taylor

    Whitman Teaches the Movement

    Reid 219
  • Laurinda Nyarko

    Laurinda Nyarko

    Mentor Program

    Laurinda is a junior chemistry major from Ghana. 

  • Liza Briody-Pavlik

    Liza Briody-Pavlik

    The Buddy Program

    A junior chemistry major from Farmington, New Mexico, Liza loves community service because it pushes her to understand people better. In her free time she plays tennis and goes on long walks.

  • Olivia Knox

    Olivia Knox

    Classroom Connections

    Olivia is senior psychology major from Seattle, WA. 

  • Rachel Leiter

    Rachel Leiter


    Rachel, a senior psychology major from Saratoga, CA, is also the president of Hillel Shalom at Whitman. 

  • Signe Lindquist

    Signe Lindquist

    Bilingual United

    Signe hails from Bainbridge Island, WA and is double majoring in sociology-environmental studies and Spanish.