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Come learn how to make awesome jewelry!
Monday, February 294-6pm
Cafe 41, Library
Taught by Jen Pope
Pizza will be provided!
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Assemble First Aid Kits
Come learn to make first aid kits (and make your own!)
Tuesday, March 1, 4:30pm
Reid G02
Taught by Lish Riley and the OP
Baking Brownies
Come bake brownies!
Tuesday, March 14:30-6:30pm
Taught by Robert Fricke
How to stay healthy by living a balanced life 
Are you unsure about which health advice to follow, which foods to eat, which exercise is best for you? We have an overload of health information available on the Internet, but not many good ways to sort through it all. This session will focus on five simple rules for staying healthy and techniques for finding reliable health information that is right for you
Wednesday, March 2, Noon
Reid 207
Taught by Jennifer Winchell
- Pizza will be provided - 
Dog Obedience
Come learn how to train dogs (and pet Duncan!)
Wednesday, March 2, 4pm
Olin 161
Taught by Colin Justin
Cooking to GO!
Learn to make scones, breakfast muffins, pizza pockets and burritos that can be frozen or kept refrigerated until you have 2 minutes to make it to class and have just enough time to microwave something as you're headed out the door.
Wednesday, March 24-6pm
Taught by Jen Pope
Packing Hints & Tricks
Come learn cool hints about efficient packing!
Thursday, March 3, Noon
Reid 207
Taught by Katie DePonty and John Y Lee
- Pizza will be provided - 
Basic Taxes
Bring your laptop (or email Rebecca for a loaner), your W2s and other tax forms (like student loan forms), and come have us help you do your taxes!
Thursday, March 34-6pm
Reid G02
Taught by Rebecca Frost
- Pizza will be provided -
Map Navigation
Learn about how to navigate with maps!
Wednesday, March 9th 4:15-6:30pm
Meet at the leather couches in Reid Foyer
Taught by the OP
You'll drive out to Benington Lake!

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