Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) Executive Council Members will learn:

• Work effectively with others to formulate both specific project goals and broad organization goals.
• Employ delegation as a means to involve group members.
• Understand and utilize the skill set of group members to accomplish group goals.
• Identify student issues and use appropriate avenues to advocate for constituents.

Communication & Collaboration
• Speak and write in a clear, direct, and constructive manner.
• Understand the importance of and work to develop professional relationships with constituents, staff, faculty, peers, etc.

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
• Use discretion when dealing with liability, suitability, or matters of confidentiality.
• Diagnose problems, generate and choose between multiple solutions, and evaluate outcome.
• Gather and analyze information in order to formulate personal opinions on issues and problems.

Civic Engagement/Responsibility
• Recognize the importance of and actively seek contributions from those with differing perspectives.
• Appropriately challenge the unfair, unjust, or uncivil behavior of other individuals or groups.
• Examine and articulate personal role as a citizen in both local and global communities.

Self-Management & Appraisal
• Maintain personal health and wellness.
• Prioritize commitments and employ time management skills to maintain balance between academic work, extra-curricular activities, personal time, etc.
• Articulate personal skills, abilities, and areas for growth.
• Reflect upon and provide analysis of personal development and learning.

Applied Skills
• Maintain accurate and thorough documentation of projects (i.e. tasks, timeline, budget, etc.).
• Understand and apply rules/protocol set forth in ASWC governing documents.
• Correctly utilize Robert's Rules of Order and other organizational protocol to promote meeting efficiency.

(The ASWC Learning Outcomes document can be downloaded here.)

Last updated 6.23.2017