Recruiting and Retaining New Members

Campus groups always need new members to contribute new ideas, enthusiasm, replace outgoing seniors, and take over leadership positions. A good club organization must not only think of how to get new members but how to keep them involved and motivated.


  • Get everyone involved in the recruitment process
  • Participate in the annual Student Activities Fair
  • Place advertisements or informative story in The Pioneer to solicit members and to advertise open meetings
  • Plan events that encourage face-to-face connections
  • Use current members to recruit friends, roommates, and classmates
  • Send targeted e-mail messages to lists or organizations with similar or compatible interests
  • Create links on your website to enable interested people to inquire about joining
  • Keep your organization's contact information up to date (See Clubs and Organizations Directory)
  • Promote your organization at your events
  • Set up information tables in the Reid Campus Center during lunch, or in other locations with permission.
  • Make sure every member understands, supports, and can articulate the group's purpose
  • Register your organization's events on the Campus Calendar.


  • Schedule a special welcoming meeting or ceremony
  • Spend time getting to know your new membership and let them get to know you
  • Allow your new members to get involved and feel comfortable
  • Create a new members orientation
  • Make sure every member understands, supports, and can articulate the groups purpose
  • Create a mentor system with upperclassmen and underclassmen
  • Assign roles to everyone in the group when planning a program or event (avoid using the same group of people that volunteer so they will not burn out or become frustrated)
  • Make sure new members are being assigned meaningful tasks that will help them feel invested in the group or an event the group is organizing
  • Allow everyone voice their opinions and give suggestions
  • Learn everyone's talents and use them effectively
  • Take advantage of team building exercises or group exercises on a regular basis
  • Be positive - the group will model the behavior the the group leaders
  • Praise members and say thank you
  • Spend extra time with new members