1. If you cannot attend a membership recruitment activity on a certain day, you must notify your Recruitment Counselor, or a Panhellenic Officer at least 24 hours before the scheduled activity.
  2. You must attend alternative recruitment for those sororities you miss on Activity Day. Failure to do so will result in your being dropped from the recruitment process.
  3. You must attend activities to which you have accepted invitations.
  4. At no time may an active sorority member be in a first-year living section or room unless there is a special circumstance for which permission was obtained from the Panhellenic Membership Recruitment Coordinator.
  5. Sorority women may not drive potential new members to recruitment parties or any other recruitment affiliated activities in personal vehicles due to liability. If you are late to the closing day function, you may not be transported via personal vehicles.
  6. If issued invitations, you will be required to attend the maximum number of functions allowed for each day i.e. three functions on Activity Day, three functions on Philanthropy Day and two functions on Closing Day. After the Closing Day function, you may list zero to three preferences. If you are matched to a group listed on your preference card and you decline their bid or break your pledgeship, you are ineligible to participate in membership recruitment for one year.

Alcohol Policies

  • No alcohol shall be served to any potential new member by actives or alumnae of any sorority.
  • No alcohol is to be present at any membership recruitment functions.
  • No active sorority members may be present anywhere with potential new members where alcohol is being served.
  • No active sorority member shall be intoxicated in the presence of potential new members.
  • If there is alcohol at an off-campus party where first-year women are, the sorority members must leave.