Each semester, sorority members pay dues to their chapter. These fees pay for the programming that the sorority chapter does over the academic year and includes things like faculty lunches, academic desserts, social events, study breaks, community service projects and chapter retreats. Part of the dues also goes to pay national dues, Panhellenic dues and facility fees. Although money is budgeted for social events, it is never used to purchase alcohol.

The first year of sorority membership is the most expensive. The reason for this is that new members are required to pay several one-time fees such as a new member fee and an initiation fee. Listed below is the range of membership costs by semester. During the recruitment process, you will want to ask specific questions of each group about their dues and the payment plan options that they offer.

New member fall semester: $237 - $406
New member spring semester: $212 - $375


Active member fall semester: $190 - $245
Active member spring semester: $140 - $212

Please realize that over the course of the first year, each sorority charges new members approximately the same amount of money. Some groups have a higher first semester charge with a lower spring semester charge while other groups reverse this and have a lower fall semester charge with a higher spring semester charge. If you add the fall and spring semester charges together for each sorority the cost range is as follows:

New member fall and spring semesters: $570 - $655
Active member fall and spring semesters: $330 - $427