Take a moment and think about what you "know" regarding Greek life and your source for knowing it. Is it primarily from watching movies like "Legally Blonde" or "Revenge of the Nerds?" Is it from a family member or friend who has gone through "rush" at a large university? Is it from some of the people you have met on the Whitman campus who have filled you in on the "stereotype" of each fraternity and sorority?

Whitman College sets very high expectations for the Greek organizations on campus and even if we had any desire to be like Animal House (which we do not), the College would not tolerate it. The Student Handbook outlines the College's expectations for Fraternities and Sororities - check it out! We are about academics, leadership, involvement, community service, sisterhood and having active social lives.

The recruitment process at Whitman is unlike large universities and perhaps even unlike other small colleges. You do not have to buy a new wardrobe or provide letters of recommendation. You do not have to look a certain way, dress a certain way or act a certain way to become a member of a sorority. You just have to be yourself, participate in the recruitment process, enjoy meeting lots of new people and be open to each of the four sororities.

Our hope is that you will form your own opinion of the Greek system based on your experience with it and not be swayed by either the positive or negative opinions of other students. Greek life may be an excellent choice for you and we encourage you to participate in the recruitment process.