What sororities are available on the Whitman campus?

There are three national sororities with chapters on the Whitman campus including Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma.

How much does sorority membership cost?

Sorority members must pay dues to their chapter each semester. The money is used for chapter programming (faculty lunches, academic desserts, social events, study breaks, community service projects, chapter retreats) as well as national dues and facility fees. Although money is budgeted for social events, it is never used to purchase alcohol. Please refer to the section on costs for information on sorority dues.

What do the members enjoy about being in a sorority?

Most women appreciate the friendships they share with a group of supportive, caring women. There are also wonderful opportunities for academic assistance, leadership, community service and networking. The friendships you create within your sorority will last a lifetime!

How is the sorority system at Whitman different from other sorority systems?

The sororities at Whitman do not have their own houses. Instead, they live together in Prentiss Hall where each group maintains their own section, chapter room and TV room. This allows the sororities to work together, to share study breaks and develop close intersorority relations.

Do Greek women have friends outside their individual sororities?

Absolutely! Since the Greek women are housed in Prentiss, they have many opportunities to interact with each other. Also, since Greek women do not move into Prentiss until their sophomore year, they make strong friendships with the women who live in their first-year section. Due to the small size of Whitman, it is easy (and encouraged) to maintain a diversity of friendships and keep in contact with friends.

Do I need letters of recommendation to participate in membership recruitment?

No, it is not the responsibility of potential new members to secure letters of recommendation. If you have family or friends who want to send a letter of recommendation they are free to do so but letters of recommendation are not required to participate in the recruitment process.

Do I need special clothes to participate in membership recruitment?

No, the clothes you already own are very appropriate for membership recruitment. The first two days of recruitment are casual. Keep in mind you will be outdoors and the weather is often very warm at this time of year. The final day usually involves a dress, a skirt or nice pants.

What is the time commitment to a sorority during the fist semester?

During your first semester, you will have weekly meetings with the other new members to learn sorority history, songs, traditions and meet the upper-class members. New members are invited to participate in scholarship programs, philanthropy projects and social events. The Greek women understand that the first semester at college is an enormous adjustment and they are here to support you. Keep in mind that academics are always the top priority of the sororities and no sorority meeting or activity comes before academic commitments.

What about drinking?

In each sorority, there are women who drink and women who do not drink. This is a personal choice and you will not be pressured in either direction.

What about hazing?

The College, the Panhellenic Association, and each of the three sororities strictly forbid hazing activities.

What is the attitude after formal membership recruitment?

Due to the small size of Whitman, it is likely that the Greek women will remember you after formal membership recruitment concludes. Whether you join a sorority or remain unaffiliated, the Greek women will still be excited to get to know you.