The National Panhellenic Creed

We, the undergraduate members of women's fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintaining fine standards and for serving to the best of our ability our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal which shall guide our fraternity activities. We, the fraternity women of America, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendships of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

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Whitman Panhellenic Code of Ethics

We, the sorority women of Whitman College, promote service and character development within individual fraternity and Panhelleic activities. We encourage these through close interactions and intimate friendships. Together we commit ourselves to promoting the interests of the Greek system on this campus and in the greater community. All fraternities of Whitman College shall seek to foster exemplary behavior, academic excellence, social consciousness, mutual respect, trust and friendship.

All women who join a sorority at Whitman College also become members of the Whitman College Panhellenic Association. By uniting together under one common organization, the sororities are able to create a climate of unity and support among the four groups. In this way, we increase our resources and are able to complete leadership and community service projects as a sorority system.

The Panhellenic Association is led by the Executive Council, comprised of women elected from each of the four sororities. The Council meets weekly throughout the academic year to plan activities and conduct business that is of mutual concern to the sororities. Philanthropy projects, scholarship desserts, public speakers, education lectures, social functions, Greek Week and membership recruitment are just a few of the many activities that Panhellenic coordinates.



President: Marlene Anderson

The Panhellenic President is the spokesperson for the sorority system and serves as a communication link between the College and the Greek women. Weekly responsibilities include leading the Panhellenic Executive Council meeting, attending the Greek Leaders meeting and meeting with Barbara Maxwell. Once each semester the Panhellenic President, in conjunction with the IFC President, leads social circus and is responsible for educating Greek members on the Greek social policy. Motivating the officers, delegating responsibilities, and generally ensuring the success and completion of Panhellenic endeavors are also aspects of this office.

Vice President of Recruitment: Shannon Plunkett

The Recruitment Coordinator is responsible for working with the three chapters' recruitment chairs to plan and execute all aspects of fall formal recruitment. This includes setting dates and times, updating the rules, ordering T-shirts, coordinating the orientation meeting and recruitment sign-ups and overseeing the printing of the recruitment handbook. The Recruitment Coordinator works with the Assistant Recruitment Coordinator on the Rho Chi program.

Assistant Recruitment Coordinator:  Ally Knivila

The Assistant Recruitment Coordinator assists with all aspects of the recruitment process. In addition, the Assistant Recruitment Coordinator is responsible for selecting, training and supervising the Rho Chis (Recruitment Counselors). In the spring this includes advertising the position, distributing applications, scheduling interviews and making selections. In August, the Assistant Recruitment Coordinator plans a training program for the Rho Chis and then works with the Rho Chis throughout the recruitment process.

Vice President Judicial Coordinator:  Molly Unsworth

The Vice President Judicial Coordinator is in charge of dealing with any Panhellenic violations, including recruitment violations. This office is responsible for conducting meetings regarding violations within the proper time period and taking the proper course of action depending upon the situation. The VP Judicial Coordinator will also act as a liaison between Residence Life and Panhellenic. If the President should be absent for some reason, the VP Judicial shall be the acting President.

Vice President of Programming Campus Events:  Kendall Dunovant

The Vice President of Programming Campus Events plans the major Greek events that involve the entire student body.  It includes hosting a campus speaker, co-planning Geek Weekend, coordinating the Greek BBQ , and planning awareness workshops such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month or a self-defense workshop.  This position unites the Greek community with the larger Whitman community to have fun and become informed about important subjects.

Vice President of Programming Inter-Sorority Events:  Emma Rust

The Vice President of Programming Inter-Sorority Events plans events that bring all four sororities together, promoting inter-sorority relationships.  It includes events such as desserts for new members, Party 101, the Senior Brunch, a sophomore/junior trivia night, ice cream socials in section and any other events that bring the four sororities together increasing connections and creating a strong sorority community.

Vice President of Communications: Kyla Foreman and Katrina Umbaugh

The Vice President of Communications maintains and updates the Panhellenic website.  This office is also responsible for creating and updating a social media program for Panhellenic.  The Vice President of Communications also assists the Panhellenic officers as necessary with marketing and promotion of their various programs/events.

Secretary/Treasurer: Kanu Sanu

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for taking minutes at the Panhellenic Executive Council meetings and distributing these minutes to presidents, officers and advisors. The Secretary/Treasurer also handles Panhellenic correspondence such as thank yous, congratulations, etc. The Secretary/Treasurer keeps track of the financial records, distributing and collecting dues, and keeping the overall budget balanced. The Secretary/Treasurer is Panhellenic's ASWC representative and budget contact which entails attending House of Clubs Representatives meetings as well as writing up a budget proposal to present to the finance committee in the spring. This officer is also responsible for working with the VP Recruitment to come up with a proposed breakdown of the Recruitment budget each spring.